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Sunday, 23 February 2014

"The Greatest Antibiotic On The Planet Scores Another Win By The Look Of It" :)

"The 'Suppa Duppa' In Action Again"

Dr Robert Beck, philanthropist and great medical mind of the ages.
One of the finest men I've never known! :(

A friend of mine has a daughter who has just had major back surgery, and I mean major!!!

She had just returned from England after the surgery and her wound had gotten infected and had started spewing out all sorts of puss and grime. The Jersey general hospital staff were extremely worried, they had been in constant contact with the English hospital and had advised the parents that she may have to be flown back to England if matters got any worse.

My friend had told me of the problems over the phone and I said that I would rattle up a bottle of Ionic Colloidal Silver immediately!

A bottle of what?

Find out at the link below

So, two hours later I dropped off the Ionic Colloidal Silver and the parents took it down to their daughter in hospital, I gave them instructions on how it should be used and that the wound should also be cleaned with it, that was two days ago.

Tonight at 9.00 pm I got a phone call from the father who stated that the wound had not been treated with the Ionic Colloidal Silver but the daughter had been taking it orally for the last two days as instructed. He told me he was very skeptical, but trusted me and was willing to try it. During this phone call he stated that his daughters condition had improved massively and that the wound had stopped oozing puss and was now dry.

Being the well researched cock sure twerp I am, I responded
"Well, I told you so".

I said that I will make another bottle up tonight and that she would be fine in another couple of days. Even without applying the Ionic Colloidal Silver to the wound directly, her little body coped beautifully with this wonder of nature. After the phone call I had a little sniffle....must have been coming down with a cold or something!!!

The greatest antibiotic on our beautiful earth,



  1. For all the lazy bastards who cannot be arsed going back on the links I have given to heal yourselves of all illnesses forever, just click on THIS LINK to cure yourselves forever!!!

    1. AND REMEMBER, you owe me one for my 3 and a half months of studies :)

  2. Amazing stuff Ian. I have been using MMS for around 7 years, always have a bottle and the citric concentrate in the house. My family and I have used it for everything from cuts and grazes to dental and serious lumber pain. It's no wonder people aren't really aware of this through normal media channels ..... maybe because it REALLY works, and guess what, there wouldn't be gazillions in profits for big pharma from a cure that cured people would there!

  3. Just a quick update, the little girl has improved that much in the last three days her father said that she will probably be allowed home tomorrow :)

  4. Ian, do you look like this yet ;-) ?

    1. Very good!

      Yes I have seen this video a year ago, and I have read some about it. Fortunately, I have done my due diligence on the Beck Protocol and I make my colloidal silver to the correct specifications thus avoiding the "BLUES"....

    2. Ian, it's good to see you back fighting fit again. I have Bob Becks machines and they are all you need to keep you in good health. My son was recently diagnosed with mumps, his lymph nodes were swelling at an alarming rate and the doctor said there was nothing they could give him. 24 hours on colloidal silver gargles and the swelling went straight down. He was completely back to normal in 48 hours. Good luck with your health clinic, after my own family experience and that of friends with the general hospital, it is so needed on this Island. If I can help in any way please call me x