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Friday, 7 February 2014

"Sailors Stand Up To Corporate Pirates"

No Channel Island to France sailings in 'foreseeable future'

There will be no Condor ferries between the Channel Islands and France for the foreseeable future, union representatives insist.
French crew staged an unofficial walkout yesterday and have not returned to work for a second day.
Laure Talloneaua of the International Transport Workers Federation (ITF) said they would not back down over efforts to improve pay and conditions.
A spokesman for Condor said the firm was in talks with the crew.
Ms Talloneaua said the sailors wanted French contracts of work, which would entitle them to better pay and social security provisions. At the moment, she said, they had contracts from the Bahamas.
Condor representatives are on board the vessel trying to negotiate an agreement.
Ms Talloneau said they would not compromise, and would not go back to work until they got what they wanted.
She has asked Jersey's government to force Condor to give the crew the contracts.
James Fulford, CEO, said: "We will work with our colleagues to resolve this dispute as swiftly as possible.
"We are listening to the views of our colleagues who have entered into this action and are focused on ensuring that any resolution is in the interests of islanders as well as our colleagues."
The strike began on Thursday morning, when 250 French day-trippers were left on the quayside in St Malo.
Mr Fulford said Condor did not make a huge amount of money on the route, and could not afford to pay much more money to its staff.
The minister responsible, Senator Alan Maclean, said he would take legal advice and consider the matter.


  1. This is not funny, my parents are stuck in St Malo, and the hotel bill is ticking ever upwards. They have their car with them and it has now been a week and they are senior citizens.

    They cannot be the only ones, this looks disgraceful for qn island that talks of rebuilding its tourist industry. Why bother to come is you cannot get on or off.

  2. Are these the crew who are employed by a West Indian company but who hail from Eastern Europe?
    If not, then it wouldn't surprise me that they will be replaced by said.

    The Beano is not The Rag