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Monday, 17 February 2014

"Oh My, This Is Novel :)"

"Someone Has A New Blog On The Go"


  1. A load of those could go up in a shot, with the right attitude and cooperation.

    Erlan is a Jersey hero overnight.

  2. Farkin el! Stumble on this blog by mistake but my eyes are on stalks at the things I've read here.
    Wondering how many people have disappeared, on boats, blindfolded and wearing concrete boots by the hands of the dark forces.
    Man, that's one creepy place. Beautiful (working holiday 91-96) but way too spooked by the place - the air is thick with the stench of corruption and undertones of black magic, it's almost tangible.
    Decent blog. Keep safe!

  3. what a fuking hero erlan is we need more of these