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Tuesday, 25 February 2014

"Mark Cocking - The Final Battle"

"An Awesome Presentation"

The write up is below

People v. The Banks - The LAST BATTLE...[Mark Cocking New Horizons 2014]

A presentation to New Horizons Saint Annes by the highly popular speaker, Mark Cocking, into the core belief of religion and its relationship with the ruling oligarchy. 

For 35 years, Mark has explored the financial enslavement of humanity. As a Druid and within his financial career, he has had diverse involvements with bankers, Templars, freemasons, esoteric societies, religious leaders, activists, occultists, scientists, business leaders, politicians, writers and researchers.

As an activist and the only Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Bankers to have challenged the occult oligarchy -- publicly and from within the financial world, at great personal cost -- Mark is aware that the 'Truth Communities' have been subject to a psychological operation to convince them not to unify.

This presentation to New Horizons Saint Annes, shares insights and asks questions, a few of which we all need to ask ourselves... such as the ultimate reality of numbers as the core belief of the religion of the ruling oligarchy and the unquestionable proof of this which unifies all natural sciences.

In an age of Information, Data and Knowledge, people are exploring the nature of their own reality.

These passive, active and neutral elements (which together fuel the fires of awakening) are but 3 of 4 aspects perceivable by human consciousness. The 4th aspect is 'Wisdom'. When did we start to believe that we should not unify to defeat the criminals who enslave us? Was it because we have come to believe that we must act independently, never to expose a united front to the enemy lest they attack it? Imagine a resistance movement which did not do that. It would be no resistance. Is there a peaceful and loving way, in full harmony with natural principles, by which we can coalesce as a resistance movement and remove the criminals? I believe there is.

Is it not reasonable to consider the possibility that we are only enlightened insofar as 'They' wish us to be?

We're all looking for answers but they are mutable. The question, however, is not.

Mark Cocking

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