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Thursday, 6 February 2014

"Lots More Rain"

"Bad Start To 2014 Continues"

Another month off the air thanks to the mind numbing incompetence of Jersey Telecom and their dysfunctional operatives. This snippet alone would make a great posting, and probably will.

So, whats been the crack?

Well, since my last posting I have been starved by the Social Security Department who's job it is to take care of the people when they are in need (hence the departments name), instead of running the department as a profit making venture for our government thieves. By denying me anything they are breaching all rights charters and covenants and have now placed themselves and their bosses in Breach of Trust.

My knee exploded last week whilst fitting carpets for a friend so that just about puts an end to my carpet fitting career. I shall have to survive on nothing but so what hey, I've been worse off than this in my time.

Then I discovered a paedophile in our midst and this was reported to the police who have (I am glad to say) acted swiftly on the information and evidence. However, after this crime was reported, an honorary policeman came round to my door asking for a bath robe for the paedophile which incensed me. I will obviously be reporting on this case at a later date, but must, for the obvious reasons, leave it where it is at this present moment.

I am currently undergoing a rather bad bout of severe anxiety and depression but will find my way through as I always do.

And finally,

my mother died last Sunday.

So all in all it's been another pretty shitty ten days!!!

There has been some good to come out of all this though. I had some issues with my mother since I was very young which never managed to get cleared up, and as she is now dead, the issue of forgiveness has come into play. I really don't want to go into personal matters but being able to forgive has been a rather prominent feature of my life since Sunday.

In fact, so much so that I have forgiven many people over the last few days for many years of harm done to me, none more prominent than the Jersey Police, Jersey Judges and the wretched corrupt system they operate to oppress and enslave the people for their own profit and gain.

Indeed, I have realised through my mothers death that nothing can ever really be taken back, only forgiven.

The more we dwell on ugliness, greed and hatred, the worse our own lives become, and the lives of all those around us. I will be part of this reality no longer.

"Repay injury with justice and forgiveness, always with forgiveness."

Sometimes down....But never out ;)


"Vengeance is a water vessel with a hole. It carries nothing but the promise of emptiness."

"Have you not the strength to forgive?”

"Repay injury with justice and forgiveness, always with forgiveness."

"Are not most tasks lighter without anger?”

"Do not see forgiveness as weakness, it is the ultimate strength."

"An eye for an eye, and eventually we all go blind."

"The sea of bitterness knows no bounds, forgive, and the shore is near."

"When in dispute with loved ones, remember always, that it is better to know how to listen than how to talk."

"He that cannot forgive others, shatters the bridge over which he himself must cross."

"He who seeks vengeance must dig two graves: one for his enemy and one for himself."

"Deal with the faults of others as gently as with your own."

"Hatred corrodes the vessel in which it is stored."


  1. Profoundly wise, true and important. Thank you.

  2. So very sorry Ian and I hope that very soon things start to look up for you. I do hope that the peace you find from forgiveness also helps with healing the anxiety and depression, notwithstanding that it is to be expected after all you have gone through. Bitterness only turns inwards so hold your head high and take each day at a time.
    Good luck!

  3. The "Not For Publication" comment with the kind offer, I know who you are and I did respond tonight. I have been off the web for a month so I left you an email this evening :)

    Many thanks for your kind offer.

  4. You have had more than your fair share of "kicks up the arse" this past few weeks, it is small consolation to you, but you probably have more people in your corner than you realise all of them hoping that will soon be back to your fighting weight, it will take someone special to demoralise you.
    The very best of luck!!!!!!!

  5. So sorry to hear of yet further bad news Ian. There is not much that can be said in times like this, other than sending condolences. Im sure you have plenty of friends to support you through this awfully tough time. I hope it all gets better from now on.

  6. However, after this crime was reported, an honorary policeman came round to my door asking for a bath robe for the paedophile which incensed me.
    Ian, WTF is this all about? Looking forward to your take on this

    1. My take on this has changed already, the police don't seem to be that interested anymore after what I heard today, they say they cannot arrest the suspect until "I have made a statement" WTF?

      It is beginning to look like another paedophile complaint is going to be covered up, and furthermore, I smell this turning against myself and the lady who found the material....

    this will cheer you up eomf

    1. Ta mate...One thing about you is your consistent, consistent with the right attitude, good one e,o,m,f, ;)