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Wednesday, 19 February 2014

"Le Marquand Says No To Prison Investigation"

No investigation into Warren ‘sex in cell’ claim

There will be no investigation into whether gangster Curtis Warren had an affair with a drugs counsellor at La Moye prison, the States have been told.
During question time, Deputy Montfort Tadier asked Home Affairs Minister Ian Le Marquand what safeguards were in place to ensure that inmates did not have inappropriate relationships with prison employees.
Senator Le Marquand said that the prison worker’s story was ‘hard to believe’ and later said that there would be no investigation.
Portuguese national Teresa Rodrigues made claims featured in the Mail on Sunday newspaper that she had a two-year affair with Warren when he was on remand between 2007 and 2009.


  1. Yea Ian (Le Marquand) - just a fantasy like 65 milk teeth conveniently found under a floorboard at Haut de la Garenne!!

    The quicker you are gone the better.

  2. Hi Ian.

    Put up the Audio from yesterdays Questions without Answers, You and your readers can listen HERE