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Wednesday, 12 February 2014

"Lawyers Who Don't Like The Truth - Or Syvret"

"Lawyer Goes Crying To Google Over Damning Evidence Of Jersey Corruption"

Amazing isn't it, how a company like Appleby are hooked into every aspect of law worldwide, have offices in virtually every corrupt island jurisdiction on the planet, and want to help the States of Jersey suppress Stuart Syvret who is fighting corruption right here in bent grubby little Jersey!



  1. In future will Google remove any blogs when a contempt of court in a local jurisdiction is produced as evidence? of ''contempt of court''?

  2. Google jumps to lawyers request as though lawfully bound.

    When did a request or requirement require such action?

    1. It doesn't but in this world of litigation (rightfully or wrongfully) most big organizations hide behind their T&C's and take the cautious approach, for fear of being sued. Never more so than any corporation in America. Ahhh the American dream, don't you just love it!.

      Similarly Appleby's are just doing what their clients (not the puppet 4 IMHO) want whether its morally right or not. Very few lawyers have any ethics at all I feel, and are only interested in winning regardless of whether they are on the right side or not. After all being right doesn't always pay but winning usually does. Of course they would argue if they are wrong appeal and get the decision reversed but in the real world its simply too expensive (designed that way as a barrier to real justice and to line the fat cats pockets) and the corrupt judiciary means you may well have to provide much higher level of proof than natural justice demands. Always an uphill struggle if your not with the in crowd.


  3. And now we know Jersey had been pursuing the Google take-down since 2008! Lies upon lies being told by The Powers That Be? This will be an own goal.

    1. Just how much money was flushed to get Ex. Minister Syvret off air for about 24 hours ?

      more to come .........

      Enjoy the Streisand Effect ;-)

      Doh !

  4. We regret to inform you that Ex. Health Minister Syvret is currently far too busy having his rights violated to even think of getting his blog re-hosted outside of the reach of your immaculate government.
    It is now time to move on and accept that you are well governed and that there was NO CHILD ABUSE in Jersey, and no cover up.

    It is critically important to your government that you do NOT read these posts in particular:

    "I am a researcher for the Technical University in Eindhoven, currently completing my PHD in informatics at the University of Nottingham. My main interests are Internet tunnelling, freedom of expression in cyberspace, and the suppression of freedom of expression by governments all around the world."

    I think that you will all agree that your government has been very wise and prudent with your money having the original blog removed in order that it can be replicated across the world.

    There are multiple copies in existence and more being assembled.

    Comments are NOT being accepted for the time being
    so please be patient ..........

    1. Comments CAN be left at