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Friday, 7 February 2014

"Jersey's Corporate Fracking Idiots & Agenda 21"

"Lunatics, Morons and Cretins"

What better way to destroy a picturesque island than fracking?

Of course, this is not about fuel, not even corporate profit, this is about Agenda 21 and driving people off their land by poisoning the water table making the land uninhabitable. What happens next is that the price of the properties on the land diminish rapidly whereby our worthless government and the elite further their agenda in obtaining all land and properties for a pittance.

They get the plebs off the land and huddle them into high rise settlements and make them dependent on government for all of their needs, water, food, and the likes, most of which is already  poisoned anyhoo! Just read your food labels then Google the words on the labels.

And as usual, most of you will say the conspiracy theorist is on one again, but until any of you actually do some research and learn to train your minds to cope with watching an informative video that lasts longer than two minutes, you are never going to learn anything about what is going on right under your noses.

Lesson one on Agenda 21 is below.

1 comment:

  1. This Fracking must NOT be allowed to happen. Ian, pleased to have you back. Sorry to hear the bad news.
    If this Fracking is being seriously considered, then we, the people must demonstrate. Anyone planning this yet ?