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Saturday, 22 February 2014

"It's Very Rarely I Agree With The Police"

"Jersey greed gave rise to this situation"

Whilst I cannot agree with the police on their wording of this article, I do agree on the fundamental principle this article carries.

Youngsters wanting to make a few bucks and save people a few bucks, nothing wrong with that, especially when you understand the exorbitant amount that licensed taxi drivers charge.

Police Wording

"Snare drivers offering illegal lifts"
There is nothing unlawful or illegal about giving someone a lift, however, if you admit to driving you place yourself in commerce, traveling is fine.

"They faced prosecution if they continued to advertise lifts in exchange for money"
Well of course, if you are engaging in commerce on the highway you will be liable if you consent to their statutory laws. If however you give people lifts for free and just accept kind donations you are doing nothing wrong.

"The police compiled a list of cars and drivers who were suspected of offering the service"
Again, driving is in commerce, traveling isn't. To offer something is not unlawful or illegal, BUT....there is a huge difference between contract for service (as they state) and contract for hire. Buy a Black's Law Dictionary and learn to distinguish between the two!

"No arrests were made in relation to an illegal taxi service"
Not surprising if one doesn't contract with the police as giving anyone a lift is not breaking the law, statutory or common law. The trouble arises when those traveling in their automobiles start complying with the police when stopped and questioned.

You can give a lift to anyone you want, any time and anywhere, and you are within your rights to accept a kindly given donation if you so choose. Start fucking around in commerce without knowing the rules and your going to come a cropper sooner or later.

"The Downside Of Accepting Lifts"

Firstly, you have no idea whatsoever who is going to pick you up, a pervert, a paedophile, a rapist,  a mugger. Christ, there are thousands in Jersey just waiting to take advantage of you.

And as this article below states, they stopped one asshole who had been drinking!!! the ramifications of this are imponderable and utterly disturbing. Do you even know if your chauffeur has taken drugs earlier in the evening?

And what about the glaring potential for rape? Cocky young dude picks up stunning honey bunny who is pissed off her cake!


Safer just to get a legitimate taxi driver on the job, unless of course, it's Phil Rondel's mate Brian Downs, the child rapist.

If I might, I would like to suggest a number that you can ring and these men will get you home safely at the right price :)



Just ask for Richard or Cliff

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  1. yes the boys at Call A Cab,latest technology combined with good old fashioned 70s service..we like them...:-)