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Wednesday, 19 February 2014

"How The Peoples Wealth Is Stolen"

Ideal island for mining industry

A delegation has been to South Africa highlighting why Jersey is an ideal centre for the international mining industry.

There are already nine companies based in and around St. Helier and more are in the offing.

One of them, Consolidated Minerals, offers bursaries for students from Jersey to get first-hand experience working at its operation in Australia. 

It also mines for manganese ore in Ghana. It's a crucial component in steel manufacturing. Their biggest client is China.

Wayne Gallichan, from Locate Jersey, returned from Cape Town saying he’d had positive feedback and talks are already planned as early as next week with a company potentially willing to relocate to Jersey.

Another mining exploration company, Lydian International, started life in a barn in St. Peter and is now one of the leaders in its field.

Dr.Tim Coughlan has been with the company since the early days and says 99% of explorations amount to nothing, but the 1% that are successful bring rewards not just for Jersey, but for the local community near the gold mine site they found in Armenia.

"Stealing Our Birthright"

Of course, the only ones getting little or nothing out of all this wealth is the people who actually own it, us!

Everything above, on, or below the surface of the earth is ours, left to us in God's last will and testament, yet stinking greedy corporations approach governments with offers and bribes to allow them to fleece the land of it's minerals and the people of their wealth.

Does anyone even know why they possess this insatiable appetite for gold, something that is pretty much worthless in my eyes!

Let's face it, what exactly can you do with it?

You can't eat it, you can't drink it, there is very little worthwhile that you can make with it because it is so soft....

Anyone out there got any idea why it is so prized coz I haven't.

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