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Thursday, 13 February 2014

"How Can Something That Has Killed Thousands Be Non-lethal?"

Jersey's government announces it is one step closer to having Tasers

Jersey's firearms team will be the last force in the UK to receive Tasers if the States accept the proposal.
Minister for Home Affairs, Senator Ian Le Marquand, lodged the proposition.
The proposal, to be discussed in April, states Tasers should only be used "in very limited circumstances and subject to various safeguards".
Senator Le Marquand said: "Tasers would give a non-lethal option to officers, which may prevent them from having to resort to the use of firearms."
Tasers will only be used if authorised by a firearms commander and only when the firearms team is deployed.
The report that accompanies the proposition makes it clear that its recommendations are made in compliance with the European Convention on Human Rights, which requires a less lethal range of options to aid police forces in the management and resolution of conflict.
God Save Us From Le Marquand
The fruitcake is at it again, trying to arm a fanatical police force with deadly equipment when he should actually be in jail himself for perverting the course of justice, covering up paedophilia, and treason amongst a whole host of other crimes.
It is quite clear from his tenure as Judicial Greffe, Magistrate, and Home Affairs Minister that this loon will say and do anything that he is told to by his masters. He lies and cheats and commits crimes at the drop of a hat, he has no soul and no brain, this sadly seems to be the calibre of church goers in these times.

Perhaps this buffoon might like to YouTube 'taser deaths' before he sits there blindly obeying orders from other assorted lunatics?

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