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Saturday, 15 February 2014

"Hi-Tech Device To Beat Heart Disease - Really?"

"Wonder How This Works"

Nope, I have read the article and I still cannot understand how this device is going to
"Beat Heart Disease"?

Who is going to monitor this equipment 24/7 to see if anyone is in any kind of danger?

What if a recipient is out in the countryside at the time of any problem?

Will this device be trackable so the recipient can be found?

If so, it sounds more like a device the NWO might like everyone to have fitted.

Common sense and logic would dictate that the only way to beat heart disease is to get rid of it, or prevent it in the first place. Furthermore, as this device is obviously wi-fi, is it not sending out a signal using (EMR) electromagnetic radiation? If so, how much EMR is it emitting? Our hearts actually put out an electromagnetic signal of their own which can be measured up to eight feet away from our chest, is this device going to interfere with that natural signal from our heart that regulates many functions in the body?

As per usual with all this gadgetry and garbage, there are many more questions than answers. Can anyone show me anything used by doctors, hospitals or the pharmaceutical industry that actually CURES anything?

You know, something like HEART DISEASE?

I suspect I might be waiting a long time for an answer to that question :)

I will be doing some rather interesting medical posts over the next month which are sure to cause a stir in the community, don't miss them!

Enter the "Suppa Duppa".

1 comment:

  1. Ian, the 'cure' from heart disease is likely to be not getting it in the first place. In order to ensure that the human being needs to be physically challenged throughout their lives and live as stress free as possible-as well as eat as nature intended.

    Ok, so let me put that into laymans words. We need to live as if we were back in nature again, surrounded by calming green nature and fresh foodstuffs, doing what nature wants us to do, to live a life of challenging adventure. Heart disease is the price we pay for living our lives today, working sat down in offices, driving to work, eating food 'for fun' because our lives are routine, boring, meaningless, and lack 'true life stimulation'.