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Friday, 21 February 2014

"Health Supplements Will Be Worthless If The E.U Gets It's Way"

"New World Order Moving On Guernsey
As Well"

More regulation for herbal tablets?

Many islanders take health supplements on a daily basis and questions are being asked over how they are regulated.

Next week Guernsey States will decide whether or not to introduce EU derivatives which would mean stricter control over health supplements.

But there is growing concern from health food experts and customers that it is another restriction to many.

Judy Hayman uses herbal tablets, she said: "I can't bear the thought of it because conventional medicine actually gave up on me and I sought out a doctor who practices nutritional medicine and I would have been in a wheelchair if he hadn't sorted me out by doing tests that the average GP doesn't know about because they haven't been trained in that form of medicine."

Deputy John Gollop said: "I could be wrong here but I don't believe there's a single legislator... who is an expert on the subject. I'm absolutely convinced that none of us knows what we're talking about."

"It would appear that they could be banned in Guernsey in the future or at least subject to rigorous and expensive regulations that are ultimately derived from Whitehall and the European Union in Brussels and I think that's a bitter pill for local health food and vitamin experts to swallow."


  1. Healthy food is also protect us so just take good diet and you will find yourself fit and fine.

  2. If everybody eats only those things which are good for health then there would be no need for health supplements. I suggest everyone should eat natural food, no soft drinks or artificial food.