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Thursday, 20 February 2014

"Government About To Create More Crimes Via Statutory Law"

"Children's Welfare Or Money?"

This picture alone should be enough to stop anyone smoking near children.

This is the simplicity and beauty of Common Law, we take responsibility for our actions. What we don't do is beg for government to put a levy on all our actions, restricting our lives even further down to the lowest totem of slave!

When you create a new statute you create a new crime, and in statutory law these quasi crimes are there simply for revenue generation, for government profit.

Jersey wants to protect children from second hand smoke but flatly refuses to protect children from child abusers and paedophiles!

The quote from States Medical Officer, Dr Susan (swineflu sue) Turnbull is amazing.

"I was very pleased with the large response across all Jersey's population groups to our consultation last summer, and the strength of public opinion saying that more needs to be done to protect our children from the harmful effects of smoke on their health now"

This from a woman who injects children, babies, and pregnant mothers with some of the most deadly neurotoxins known to man!

This practice being described quite admirably by world renowned neurosurgeon Dr Russell Blaylock when he said,

"Vaccinating a baby or pregnant woman, I can think of nothing more insane"

And quite frankly, neither can I....

1 comment:

  1. Dr Sue Turnbull, exactly who is she? In terms of appropriately placed in positions of power and public influence, she is not.
    She appears to be a "useful idiot" put in place by dubious politicians that tend to be working for bankers rather than working for the blindfolded people that elected them.
    She is also a member of the common purpose team put in place to undermine democratic government systems and steer populations under a one EU unelected government.
    Best advice to give about this women that likes to place Dr before her name? Keep her or anyone working with her away from your children.