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Tuesday, 11 February 2014

"Google Suspend Ex Senator Stuart Syvret's Blog"

"Last Gasp Effort To Suppress Syvret"

So, the resilience of Stuart Syvret has finally caused the Jersey authorities to call in Google to do their dirty work for them, how pathetic.

Won't be long before the rest of us are visited with the same fascism and oppression, but we are ready for it. Below is the 'news'paper cutting from the filthy rag followed by a link to the Rico Sorda blog on which Stuart has responded....Enjoy :)


  1. hahaha, it only took haworth 4 minutes to try and get a rather polite (by his standards) derogatory comment in there :)

    I'm not posting your deluded crap you wretch drunken idiot....

  2. Hee Hee, now he has started with the insults :)

    For those new readers who don't yet know who Jon Sharrock Haworth is, he is the drunken tosser who is one of the four wretched Jersey scum that John Hemming MP named in Parliament on two occasions.

    1. One of the 4 that got him imprisoned you mean?
      You need a holiday Ian, night.

    2. Fuck yourself.

    3. See readers, I told you it was him. This mindless twat is so predictable :)

      I reposted as I hate making typo's

    4. All you do is insult posters and write shit. Good luck with what is left of your reclusive life because if this blog is your only cry for help in Jersey then you have been well and truly fucked up the arse man.

    5. Hi Jon :) Looks like your drunken evening didn't go quite the way you planned it? Never mind you retarded child abuse sponsoring loser, there's always next year, providing that you live that long ;)

  3. I guess not being told how much the Bailiff's ( who requested the painting of himself ) cost the taxpayer.

    The True cost of the Mace party ? That cost the taxpayer when a silly Royal was invited. Not for the public to know. secret

    The true cost of the Barbados trip, Bailhache said it was irrelevant and about £7k small Change but the short notice flights cost a lot more than that.Try doubling and more, for a weekend jolly away to rub shoulders and you are getting closer. its a secret.

    Who the proposers were that put Frank Walker up for an OBE. ? secret

    Who the public private backers are behind the States agencies yep I mean the private secret ones. secret

    The point being the public do not forget. Sturt Syvret blog hopefully back up soon not secret.

    Good to see you back, publishing the full articles on line that the Prava prefers to keep quiet.

  4. Ian surely you must realisable that 4 letter words is all that Jon Sharrock Haworth knows ie like cans,piss,f**k,s**t,t**t and his most favourite wank !im surprised he can still manage to type at all with the amount of hair he must now have on the palms of his hands nough said ;-)

  5. It's official. The island is under Nazi rule, again. C**TS !