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Wednesday, 12 February 2014

"Dean Clifford Declares War On The Courts"

"Update By Dean From Jail"

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Published on 12 Feb 2014
12th Feb 2014
There hasn't been an update from Dean in a while with exception to the times when he got to speak to his brother in which has mostly been talking about more logistical happenings in terms with court filings.

A lot has been going on, lots of interesting things with things that have been filed, administrative processes, demands to show cause filed into the court and have been completely ignored.

He is the plaintiff in a counter law suit in Queens Bench, also he is the plaintiff in a law suit that has been filed in Federal court and is being heard this coming Monday.

It is all going to be very nasty in which he intends on releasing all the results publicly as soon as all is said and done as everything they have done has been completely intentional.

He refuses to make application for Bail and has refused Bail on every occasion it was offered. He is adamant that he is going to stay where he is and fight this until it's done once and for all.

He has filed into the courts all sorts of paperwork including administrative processes for a demand to show cause, basically for his accuser to prove up a claim, to prove a loss, to show cause and to prove standing.

A cause of action in any way which would basically give rise to a claim in some way or form. A maximum of law being:

Actio non datur non damnificato. An action is not given to him who has received no damages.

Just over a couple weeks prior to Dean's kidnapping, new court policy was implemented in the provincial courts was passed that was purely designed to stifle people's rights via refusing the ability to file properly and in fact ignoring filings outright while awaiting trial. This cannot be a coincidence and goes to show how worried they are.

It's worth noticing that at the rate of the creation of crimes in the corporate policy CRIMINAL CODE ACT's, everyone in the entire world can be deemed to be a criminal without conviction if people continue to believe in these foreign corporate democracies, which are mere corporations there to extort, enslave and rob the wealth, resources, skills and labor from the birthrights of the inhabitants. It's all extortion, monopolies, trickery and deception by these corporations purely making moves to keep the people in a perpetual state of slavery and debt and it's strangling the poorest from the bottom up. Crimes are created and legislated on, and most are infractions/offenses to the state where there is no victim are purely to extort money and/or to milk BC trust bonds and/or profiteer from a prison/police state.

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