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Thursday, 27 February 2014

"Curtis Warren - Fruitcake Le Marquand - And Prison Incompetence"

"Paedophile Cover-up Merchant, Ian Le Marquand, Has No Place Left To Turn! Except That Gap In The Floorboards That He Will Hopefully Fall Into Along With All The Murdered Children's Teeth"

Le Marquand, the Pied Piper at the creation date of this pic!

Jersey's most nauseous halfwit, politician, Judge, Judicial Greffe and undoubtedly, one of the greatest servile imbeciles that this vile regime has ever produced, will hopefully be standing down soon. He was drafted in simply to try and cover up the child abuse racket in Jersey. Yet this alleged 'Christian' halfwit will some day have to meet his maker, where upon the reckoning will not be so straight forward.

Clue! The Ass is not the one in the centre of the pic

Ian Le Marquand is one of the most corrupt scum that Jersey has ever had the misfortune of encountering in it's 800 years of oppression, tyranny and misery.

We aim to stop that very shortly :)

This disgusting excuse of a man, who no doubt sanctioned the doctoring of my trial tapes as Royal Court Greffe back in the nineties before my trial tapes were sent to England for transcription, and who also allowed four police officers to get away with perjury and grave and criminal assault against me whilst sitting as Magistrate at my trial. Then, as Home Affairs Minister, dismissed my claims against 'himself' and the police officers standing in his capacity as Home Affairs Minister in the very same case reiterated above!!!

In bed with the mob? Of course the bastard is!

Whatever happens in the future, this human excrement will not get away with his crimes, I guarantee it! Pay for nothing, go to court, fuck'em....

Fear is the commodity that they rule by,  take
their power away by fearing nothing, and what are they left with?

"Do not the Ancients say, rank and reward have no appeal for a man truly at one with himself?”


  1. Is the JEP lying againFebruary 27, 2014 7:50 am

    In the 2nd cutting:

    "Warren has denied the claims by the counsellor"

    Where did the mouthpiece get that from? -can you confirm

    I believe Warren issued a statement choosing to neither confirm or deny
    .....the implication being that this will be of great use later

    How will it pan out?
    ? "vulnerable prisoner" sexually abused by crazed prison officer???
    The possibilities are endless.

    And when the Jersey authorities are proven to be lying again and again even the word of drug dealers and gangsters become more credible.

    Nothing sort of yet another embarrassing cock up!

  2. Paraphrasing from the JEP's investigative reporting:
    Warren would prefer to spend the afternoons with the lads in the gym than having sex in his cell

    "Warren [the drugs lord] was supportive of work to help fight addictions"
    A shoe in for Jersey's next drugs councillor perhaps? LOL

    What used to be called lies is now called spin, and has recently increased to 60[taking the]p

  3. no one told me you could get 'mushy-mushy' at Hotel LaMoye, not that I wanted to!

  4. You ever thought about getting a life?

    1. A life, one like yours you mean?

      One where I am enslaved to every government whim they choose to visit on me?

      A life where I am supposed to tolerate and be ruled by criminals like Le Marquand who cover up for one of the worst crimes on the planet?

      A life where I work my arse off to pay government money that they are not entitled to so they can spend it on themselves whilst protecting VIP child abusers?

      A life that is regulated and taxed for every single action I choose to take?

      That kind of life?

      NO THANK YOU....I prefer freedom.

    2. Mel Gibson tried to tell us in his movie "Braveheart" before he was to be ostracized from Hollywood for eternity....His honour lives on :)

  5. Thanks anon, tiz good to feel appreciated :)