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Monday, 17 February 2014

"Cannabis Is Not Unlawful"

"Le Marquand Still Denying People Pain Relief"

The governments of Jersey and Guernsey are today sending out very different messages on illegal drugs.

Guernsey's Home minister says if he could turn the clock back, he would NOT criminalise them but his counterpart in Jersey says there's no chance of relaxing the rules.

It comes as Jersey's Home Affairs minister admits sharing a room with drug-takers, but never taking any himself.

Their views on drugs follow a march in Guernsey at the weekend calling for cannabis to be legalised.

Campaigner Tyler Singer said: "Well I just think there's this whole social stereotype over here, you know, they think everyone who smokes a bit of cannabis is associated as being a jobless waste of space, basically, and it's completely wrong."

Meanwhile in Jersey, an islander who has severe bowel disease is pushing for cannabis to be legalised for medicinal purposes. Too ill to speak today this is what Evelyn Volante said when we last spoke: "Smoking the cannabis is actually more therapeutic for me. It gives me an appetite. Using the prescribed medication, I don't like the way it makes me feel. With smoking a joint of cannabis, I can still go out, I can motivate myself."

Changing attitudes have motivated politicians across the Atlantic to think again. Two US states, Washington and Colorado, have legalised cannabis, paving the way for State-licensed cannabis stores.

But the focus in both Britain and the Channel Islands is much more about catching the criminals.

Well in Guernsey, the message is the government will broadly follow UK policy.

But the Home Minister Deputy Jonathan Le Tocq did say: "I think my own personal view is that were we able to turn the clock back I don't think that I would be voting to criminalise drug taking in the way that it has been done."

But in Jersey the message is there's no chance of a review according to Home Affairs Minister Senator Ian Le Marquand.

He said: "I can remember one of my friends who used to become acutely paranoid. He's have acute paranoid attacks because of smoking cannabis, and the stuff we're dealing with now is much much stronger than what was around then."

But when asked if he'd ever taken illegal drugs he said: "No I haven't. I have actually in my student days been in a room where there were friends taking it. But I was a non-smoker so I never actually tried it."


  1. i hate the stuff it gave me whities ,ok .
    but i understand the positive side to the natural herb . it would help alot of people .
    last year i had a 76 year old freind ask me if i could get her some puff ,76 and all she wants is pain relief ,sad that she and others dont get it from the con doctors . money money thats what it is .e.o.m.f ps how the f are we supposed to prove we not robots if we cant read the ruddy words ??????

  2. thank god it worked this time lol eomf