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Friday, 7 February 2014

"Bailhache Unhappy That English Lawyers Get To Speak Up For Abuse Victims"

"The Writing Is On The Wall"

Whats to be afraid of Sir Phil?

We are pretty sure that England have had enough of the Bailhache regime embarrassing them on every move they make, when England is embarrassed we know that change is on the way. Gorst, whilst just as underhand and despicable as the Bailhache Bros in my opinion, has the common touch to some small degree, and in this day and age of modern sock puppets like Cameron, that ever so slight common touch is what the crown is looking for in Jersey. A kind of lower class mug, to communicate with and dupe the not so smart of the community.

From his short tenure, we see that Gorst changes his mind as often as Terry Le Main changes his signature!

Are any of you falling for Gorst yet?


  1. This is why Senator Bailhache should not be in politics pretending to care about your future.

    At least Gorst got something right, he could see that if only Jersey lawyers were allowed to work on the inquiry, the outside world ( given this small rocks reputation on its Government looking after vulnerable children ) would look seriously introvert, backwater and conflicted.

    For those of you that put your confidence in Phillip Bailhache hoping for a better Jersey, what does this tell you about his sense of Justice and integrity ?, What does it tell you about his sense of independent fairness for all ? What does it tell you about his commitment for a better Jersey for all islanders caught up in the judicial system. He spoke against this openness and voted against outside lawyers becoming involved.

    The evidence is there to see and the attitude has been laid bare in Hansard, so in simple terms, Bailhache only believes in justice " The Jersey Way :" operated by his resident friends and associates.

    Well done Deputy Macon about time you manned up, still you did well proposing this, It must be made permanent and extended.

  2. Bailanche interfering in the Polish poster colomberie" incident by personally requesting it be taken down. It remains in the window as nothing racist about it at all.What about the transylvanian woman on ctv calling Jersey people "Beans" is that not the same!!
    Enquiries to ctv & jep regarding this remain unanswered quelle surprise.
    If passing colomberie give Ralph a bit of support as feeling intimidated after the visit of "the great one", roll on next elections

  3. If this is for real I am, for want of a better word, 'gobsmacked'! This shop owner had a crime committed against him, and put a perfectly legitimate poster in his window requesting the return of his goods. He obviously was aware that the perpetrators were Polish so therefore it was not a 'racist' issue. What the HELL is PB doing poking his nose into something that is none of his business? and well done the shop owner for not bowing to the bully boy tactics of the 'great one'.

    He may be better served asking the police to catch the criminals, rather than harass an innocent victim.

    Still, par for the course in this place - just think the child abuse scandal!