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Friday, 14 February 2014

"Another Load Of Clap Trap From The Jersey Police Via The Filthy Rag"

Drivers warned not to alert others to
speed checks

You shouldn't let others know if there is a speed check ahead

THE police have warned motorists that they shouldn’t flash their headlights at others to signal a speed check as doing so is illegal.
It constitutes an offence because it is classified as obstructing an office in the course of their duty.
"What A Crock Of Shit"
Another absolute crock of deceptive crap designed to deter the common man and woman from assisting their fellow men and women from being robbed by the highwaymen masquerading as peace officers when their true role is Policy Men.
Firstly, this little warning from the police is designed to instill you with even more fear than you are already coping with, it's their favourite tactic.
Lets take a look at the article (as small as it is) in a little more depth.
The headline, it begins with the word "Drivers" so what exactly is a "Driver"? Well you have been schooled all your lives to believe that anyone who gets behind the wheel is a driver, true in your own little bubble, but not true in law.
Driving/Driver is a legal term, it places you in commerce as it means that you are being paid, commerce can be moved upon by the authorities as it is under statutory law governed by Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) and Maritime Admiralty Law, the law of the water. Do you guys live on the water or the land? Common Law is the law of the land where the only real rule is "Do No Harm".
Statutory law applies to you only if you consent to it, but as we have learned from Cyril and myself, consent can be tacit or express consent, a minefield of legal terms designed purely to cheat you out of your hard earned promissory notes (cash).
Vehicle is another such legal term, ask any magistrate who is acting lawfully under their Oath of Office what the words 'driving' or 'vehicle' actually mean in statutory law, and you can expect the answer to be somewhere along the lines of "I'm not touching that with a forty foot pole". Call your vehicle an "automobile" and they have nothing on you, you were simply going about your lawful business traveling in your automobile.
Remember also, that because you have a license to drive, it does not mean that you were operating under that license at the time of being stopped by the policy men. They have to prove that you were acting as a government agent and being paid by government for the duration of the time they allege you were a government agent/employee. Since slavery has been abolished, and no one can be forced to work for free, they must provide proof of claim that you were operating as a government agent and being paid for that work, something that no prosecutor can possibly achieve.
Now back to the article, "you shouldn't let others know if there is a speed check ahead" why ever not? It is not unlawful to warn your fellow man of impending theft and highway robbery!
"THE police have warned motorists that they shouldn’t flash their headlights at others to signal a speed check as doing so is illegal." It is my understanding and recollection from the highway code that flashing ones lights is a gesture designed to warn oncoming traffic that you are approaching, nothing more.
But let us look at this point from a common sense perspective, how in God's name are the policy men going to prove that you were flashing your lights to warn other travelers that there is a police speed trap up ahead? It beggars belief doesn't it really? Such is the idiocy of our public servants.
"It constitutes an offence because it is classified as obstructing an officer in the course of their duty." REALLY? There are no statutory offences for anyone who does not consent to them, in statutory law the only move they can ever make against you is an offer as they are operating against the legal fiction, a dead thing, without mind or soul that does not exist in the real world. In fact, much the same as statutory law does not exist in the real world.
Wakey wakey people, you are being conned every day of your lives by these disgusting crooks and thieves, learn the rules and put them out of business. Keep paying them and the misery will continue for you all.
Below is a rather in depth explanation from Eternallyaware of how the legal fiction operates as the "PERSON". John will take you through the operations of this deceptive little vehicle of commerce and explain in his own inimitable way how the great deception has been perpetrated. He also goes through other legal terms, the word "Term" being one of them!
Go buy yourselves a Black's Law Dictionary and start learning the meaning of the words you already think you know the meaning of :)

Or visit Cyril's last posting at the link below.


  1. They still got your van Ian?

    1. Hi Jon, and actually, they haven't got my van, it has been scrapped on the registered keepers say so, and such registered keep who is not me.

      I had to comply with them that night as I didn't want them stealing the van off me as I was on my way to somebody's house who was suicidal that night and wanted to hang themself from the stair banister!

      I complied with the fat disgusting pig of a copper for this reason, and this reason only. That fat pig is none other than overweight fur face scum, PC 243 Ingham, this utter twat could have killed someone that night for delaying me and stealing the van. Luckily I had a few quid on me and was able to afford a taxi up to the house so the "PERSON" in question did not die that night.

      If their had been a death that night, this fat disgusting twat from Burnley would have been held culpable....Stew on those facts you idiot!

    2. Now "FUCK OFF" and don't you dare ever bother me again you disgusting piece of shit.

    3. Incidentally, the taxi driver who picked me up is called Richard Bisson, he had just gone into partnership with a good guy named Cliff LeClerk (not sure of the spelling). Richard and Cliff both agreed to waive the fare back to town after my 2 hour chat with the "PERSON" who was suicidal....Many thanks to you both, you saved me a very long walk, you helped save a life, and thank you both for your kindness :)

      These good guys business is called "Call A Cab" contactable on 883883, two top guys :)

  2. Call me stupid but doesn't radio 103 advertise to the public were the vehicle checks are on island ? I had also heard that speed check poisitions appeared on face book with the police in full knowledge I even heard that they welcomed this as it could well have the effect of slowing the traffic, what should we believe??

  3. i got a van you can have ian .iveco swb call on ***** ****** .we all need a helping hand once in ower lives e,o,m,f

    1. Thank you very much e,o,m,f, for your very kind offer of assistance but a good friend lent me a few bob to get another van and insurance :)

      I am very grateful for your offer though and have removed your mobile number from the comment above. Hope I bump into you again one day my friend.


    1. Honestly mate, I am sorted, but very grateful for your offer :)
      Take care fella, regards,