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Tuesday, 25 February 2014

"A Government Full Of Lunatics"

1937 airport building vs parish church

A suggestion by Jersey's planning minister that the airport runway could be moved towards St Peter's Village has left the parish Constable "alarmed and shocked".

Planning Minister Deputy Rob Duhamel has delayed making a decision on whether or not the 1937 terminal - now considered to be a safety hazard because of its proximity to the runway - should be demolished. Instead, he's suggested moving the runway to avoid the need to demolish the terminal.

Flabbergasted St Peter Constable John Refault says the minister's suggestion is unrealistic pointing out that it could lead to the demolition of properties like the Daisy Farm complex; the new residential properties and doctors surgery at La Retraite; and even the Parish Church. 

"If retaining an historical building is important to the Minister, how does he square the decision of either the 1937 arrivals hall or the 12th Century Parish of St Peter Church steeple?"

Economic Development Minister Alan Maclean is also non-plussed about Deputy Duhamel's idea. In response to Constable Refault the Senator said: "I was surprised and disappointed by the decision, but can confirm that the Ports team led by Doug Bannister are now working on the likely impact of moving the runway as suggested. It is in our opinion a thoroughly unrealistic option that the paper will elaborate upon. We believe it would likely cost in excess of £80m and as you suggest bring far more obstacles into play."

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