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Friday, 14 February 2014

"£200,000 Pissed Up The Wall In Church Debacle!"

Exclusive: Church investigation costs revealed

The incompetent and the immoral Bob Key

ITV News can reveal the cost of the investigation into safeguarding in Jersey's church is nearly £200,000.

Two inquiries, sparked by the way the Dean dealt with an allegation of abuse, will be paid jointly by the Diocese of Winchester and the Church of England.

So far, each has to pay £92,000.

The bill includes travel and legal costs.

Andreas Whittam Smith, First Church Estates Commissioner said, "A The Commissioners have spent nothing on the Korris review, the pastoral visitations by the Bishop at Lambeth and the Bishop of Dover, or any commission of the Archbishop of Canterbury. We have no power to pay any costs relating to the Dean of Jersey. We agreed with the diocese of Winchester that we would pay 50% of the costs of the Steel investigation and the Gladwin visitation."

"To date this share has amounted to about £92,000 including all professional fees and expenses. We do not have a detailed breakdown as between Steel and Gladwin, and some of the costs incurred, such as costs of Jersey legal advice, relate to both."

"£200,000 Spent & The Victim Is Still Homeless And Penniless"

So, as per usual, everyone is a winner except the victim!

This is "The Jersey Way" in all it's infinite glory, feeding the parasites whilst leaving the victim just as she was, distressed, ruined and in abject poverty whilst everyone else benefits from her misery, way ta go you scum.

I also feel compelled to comment on the only two comments on the Channel Television site (below) on this story, and the absolute lack of knowledge of the general public.

Get RidReport Abuse
Posted By: Steve St Helier on 14-Feb-2014
As long as it is not a penny of St Helier rate payers or tax payers money they can spend all they like the hole thing is repulsive in this day and age. Time he was removed from the States he represents by far a minority in this Island and a growing minority at that.

[No Subject]Report Abuse
Posted By: ACD on 14-Feb-2014
Let the bible thumpers pay for it, I am an atheist and proud

These two complete and utter idiots don't even know that the church has been funded for two thousand years by tax paying mugs such as these two fools. Between the Vatican, the City of London, and Washington D.C these vile organisations run the planet. Arms, Drugs, Taxes, Banking, Law, Big Pharma, Oil, Food, how stupid are people these days?

You simply cannot blame this on the church when all the worlds leading scum are getting a piece of the action, it's crazy, you have to see the bigger picture. All the participants, apart from the victim, are being paid in one way or another, as are the lawyers who always get the lion's share of the carcass. Who among them has even offered a sincere apology to the victim, let alone any kind of compensation or redress?

As for the two idiots above, they need to know that THEY are paying for it all eventually, one way or another, the corporations charge everything to the people.

As an aside, anyone know which corporation is the biggest on the planet?

Why it's the Church for Pete's sake!!!

Wake the fuck up people!


  1. Hi Ian. Thanks for the Post. Can I just say that no report or investigation included me or my full story, I was excluded, which, as the investigations claimed to be about me, is ludicrous, especially as one member of clergy in Jersey who had never met me was interviewed and his views included, (one former lawyer clergyman).

    Also just to say that I am no longer on the streets but am almost penniless, I had to leave the streets due to a breakdown caused by a combination of virus and post viral fatigue and the Diocese leaving me with intolerable stress by referring me to agencies without my permission, including the NSPCC, and also allowing the Steel Report to proceed despite it being increasingly clear it was conflicted and was omitting my views and damning me by including views of people who did not know me but were acting on behalf of the Dean.

    1. No surprises there then hun! Hope your keeping ok girl xxx ;)

  2. I am surviving, but still under severe stress, these reports will kill me if or when published, because the Steel report at least, villifies me and covers up for the Deanery, one way or another, this will be the death of me.
    If you or anyone can think of a way to prevent the diocese from continuing to harm me, I would be grateful a I am under such constant distress. :) x

    1. Putting you under constant pressure is their oldest trick in the book, it's what Jersey has mastered over the last 800 years. What they never reckon on is the odd few with the passion and the resilience to keep going despite the misery they inflict.

      You die, they win, what a beautiful reason to strive for life by not letting them win. Most who sacrifice everything to do battle with such filth never get to see the fruits of their suffering, the generations that come after usually benefit from the warriors who went before them.

      Legend says;
      "The heroes of today are the souls reborn of earlier knights, already shaped for what they did by what they had done before. How often must it be done again, over and over again, as often as is necessary.
      Governments do govern. Yet, when Sage and fool, king and peasant find accord, and earth and heaven mingle, there will come times when good and peace prevail.
      Before you seek change (the sages said) be very sure you have savoured all the joys of the present, for sometimes, there is nothing to do but wait for the vein.
      Only men, who face the time without illusion or fear, will endure any fate to its end."

  3. Thank you, but I literally cannot go on living under what they have and are doing to me.

    1. Your remedy to all this is that you live through it....

      "He who attacks must vanquish. He who defends must merely survive."

  4. Ian,

    Please tell me you "photoshopped" that stained glass window.

    There are some very disturbing subliminal messages in it.

    Unbelievable !

    1. I put it on to this picture yes, but it came from an original church window elsewhere.

  5. Yes, I have seen the window elsewhere. Assume it is coincidental, but it is now an iconic image in the light of what has been happening all over.

    Yes, Ian. HG is some gal.

  6. RE. Probably HG.
    Cheer up darling and relax. Ignore any harassment -there is nothing further they can do to you.

    Stop that talk of victory by the deanery. everyone can see that it is entirely false and every supposed victory is hollow.

    Do your best to ignore any reports or talk of reports. Everyone who matters in Jersey and abroad thinks well enough of you.
    If they insist on publishing any of their conflicted reports it will just make them look bad (again)

    HG, Get urgently:
    Hot mug of tea !
    2 sugars -you deserve it :-)

    1. I am always on one sugar these days :)

  7. To Be Clear, Is That church window real. Does it exist in reality ?

    1. It's for real.

      It's in the sacraments series and is of a confirmation.

      Check it out

    2. Cheers Polo. Unbelievable !

  8. Ian,

    The two comments from the JEP are missing the point completely, who do they think picks up the tab for the dean lifestyle and his share of legal enquiries ?. The church commissioner writes - We have no power to pay any costs relating to the Dean of Jersey.

    So who do they think is paying the costs, us idiots ! plus all his house and living expenses. Plus a further £25,000 pocket money for being a non voting lobbyist in the states.

    Is it not time the charade and waste of money was stopped ?

  9. Dump him overboard, walk the the plank.