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Friday, 28 February 2014

"What A Sad Race We Have Become!"

Would you spy on your children?

FORGET reading under the duvet after lights out, inventors have unveiled a spy tool that alerts parents when their children are on the internet and allows them to shut it down using their own smart phone.
Parents could use their own mobile phones to shut down their children's
activity online from the comfort of the sofa
The system warns parents about their child's activity and they can then choose to shut it down if they wish - without even moving from the sofa.
Is this a step too far? A good idea? Do you have a better way of controlling your child’s access to the internet, particularly when they should be sleeping?

"Emperor Bailhache Is Beginning To Worry The States"


"The Ukraine Turned Over By The IMF"

"Come Back Russia, All Is Forgiven"

Thursday, 27 February 2014

"Pitman's Refused Privy Council Hearing"

"Justice Is A Distant Memory For Jersey"

"More Alleged Child Sex"

"It's Never Ending"

"Dean Clifford - Part 4 Of A Few"

Birth Certificate is a class of person

The certificate of birth is a class of person, entirely statutory in nature, it is a rank.
Governed entirely by the jurisdiction of its creation, being statues.
You now have the ability to join the great game and all the fun associated with it, "society".
The legal person, persona, or legal identity which you have the right or the option of you being recognised under when playing their game of commerce. But it is not the only game in town but it is a game they created and seems to be the dominate one at the moment.
It is no different as a certificate in a particular trade in which you are deemed competent in. 
If you are certified, you are deemed competent.
If you are working, and you screw up, i.e. you have a certificate in welding that deems you competent for passing all these requirements and you're absolutely qualified for what you're doing. Fantastic, you get a job. Therefore, if you're working and you screw up, you do a weld or you wire something, or you put in a track, breather or stack in that is contrary to the code to the people that are being governed by that particular Certificate. Which means you didn't live up to your job. You did something against what you're deemed competent in. The code you have to follow are no different to building codes, plumbing codes, electrical codes, welding codes, they are all codes. CRIMINAL CODES ACT, they are all codes applicable to particular persons who are deemed competent in that field. 
Just because you may get a win in statutory court, doesn't really mean you really win, they just handed it to you because you made their scam so blatantly obvious purely to keep you in their system and maintain the illusion, and if there is a loophole, they just change their rules instantly to correct that. 
Please visit and join the forums to access the full 2 day seminar and much more.

"Dean Clifford - Part 3 Of A Few"

Qualified and Competent enough to operate the legal person?

"Dean Clifford - Part 2 Of A Few"

Are you Human or are you the Original?

"Dean Clifford - Part 1 Of A Few"

Royalty, Unalienable Rights and Property

"Curtis Warren - Fruitcake Le Marquand - And Prison Incompetence"

"Paedophile Cover-up Merchant, Ian Le Marquand, Has No Place Left To Turn! Except That Gap In The Floorboards That He Will Hopefully Fall Into Along With All The Murdered Children's Teeth"

Le Marquand, the Pied Piper at the creation date of this pic!

Jersey's most nauseous halfwit, politician, Judge, Judicial Greffe and undoubtedly, one of the greatest servile imbeciles that this vile regime has ever produced, will hopefully be standing down soon. He was drafted in simply to try and cover up the child abuse racket in Jersey. Yet this alleged 'Christian' halfwit will some day have to meet his maker, where upon the reckoning will not be so straight forward.

Clue! The Ass is not the one in the centre of the pic

Ian Le Marquand is one of the most corrupt scum that Jersey has ever had the misfortune of encountering in it's 800 years of oppression, tyranny and misery.

We aim to stop that very shortly :)

This disgusting excuse of a man, who no doubt sanctioned the doctoring of my trial tapes as Royal Court Greffe back in the nineties before my trial tapes were sent to England for transcription, and who also allowed four police officers to get away with perjury and grave and criminal assault against me whilst sitting as Magistrate at my trial. Then, as Home Affairs Minister, dismissed my claims against 'himself' and the police officers standing in his capacity as Home Affairs Minister in the very same case reiterated above!!!

In bed with the mob? Of course the bastard is!

Whatever happens in the future, this human excrement will not get away with his crimes, I guarantee it! Pay for nothing, go to court, fuck'em....

Fear is the commodity that they rule by,  take
their power away by fearing nothing, and what are they left with?

"Do not the Ancients say, rank and reward have no appeal for a man truly at one with himself?”

"Keep An Eye On This One - It's Going To Be Fun Over The Next Month" :)

"What's Good For One Is Not So Good For All"

Keep an eye on these proceedings over the next month as we will have some fascinating info for our readers on time barred deadlines to show the utter corruption in Jersey, and how the whole system is geared for only the corrupt to win via their 'alleged' Justice System....

"Another Loser Loses"

"Yet Another Bum!!!"

We all have choices, it is our birthright being born free to choose, what we do with those choices is our own salvation or demise.

Some simply make the wrong choices, but they do so of their own volition, and so must accept the consequences that accompany those choices.

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

"Kanetech Ltd Refuse To Back Down On Planning Corruption And Are Fined £9,000 For Seeking Justice In Our Courts"

Plumbing company fined £9,000

A plumbing firm in Jersey has been ordered to pay £9,000 for breaching building requirements.

Kanetech Ltd has been given the fine after appearing in the Magistrates Court earlier this month.

The company breached regulations by fitting heating boilers without building permission.

The Government says this case highlights the importance of heating boiler instillation's meeting health and safety standards.

It is asking islanders to make sure their oil or gas fired central heating boilers are properly installed by asking the plumber fitting it for a certificate of compliance.

If you have recently had an oil storage tank or new oil or gas fired boiler installed in your house and have not received a certificate of compliance, contact the Building Control Team on 448407.

Director of Building Control at the Department of the Environment, Mo Roscouet, said: “We are reminding any person who is having an oil or gas boiler fitted of the importance of receiving a certificate of compliance. 

"An incorrectly installed boiler can result in the release of poisonous carbon monoxide gas and increased fire safety risks.”

"More Lies & Corruption In Our Courts"

Magistrate & fraudster, Bridget Shaw,
expresses an opinion :)

Magistrate Shaw sails the sea's of commerce again! But was she operating under her Oath of Office at the time of sailing?
How is it that the government move every single corrupt cop who has been fired, or told to resign, straight to the planning department? I guess they are best suited for career corruption!
Apparently, the planning department had all the paperwork, and had inspected all the boilers themselves that Kanetech Ltd had helped them to fit for the Environment Departments OWN CUSTOMERS, yet this is not the picture they have tried to paint to Channel TV or the rest of Jersey via the Internet posting on the Channel TV website!
Now if that is not Defamation then I don’t know what is!!!
Looks like Channel TV have signed and sealed the defamation lawsuit themselves :)

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

"A Government Full Of Lunatics"

1937 airport building vs parish church

A suggestion by Jersey's planning minister that the airport runway could be moved towards St Peter's Village has left the parish Constable "alarmed and shocked".

Planning Minister Deputy Rob Duhamel has delayed making a decision on whether or not the 1937 terminal - now considered to be a safety hazard because of its proximity to the runway - should be demolished. Instead, he's suggested moving the runway to avoid the need to demolish the terminal.

Flabbergasted St Peter Constable John Refault says the minister's suggestion is unrealistic pointing out that it could lead to the demolition of properties like the Daisy Farm complex; the new residential properties and doctors surgery at La Retraite; and even the Parish Church. 

"If retaining an historical building is important to the Minister, how does he square the decision of either the 1937 arrivals hall or the 12th Century Parish of St Peter Church steeple?"

Economic Development Minister Alan Maclean is also non-plussed about Deputy Duhamel's idea. In response to Constable Refault the Senator said: "I was surprised and disappointed by the decision, but can confirm that the Ports team led by Doug Bannister are now working on the likely impact of moving the runway as suggested. It is in our opinion a thoroughly unrealistic option that the paper will elaborate upon. We believe it would likely cost in excess of £80m and as you suggest bring far more obstacles into play."

"Jersey's Poor To Be Kept In Poverty"

Jersey politician concerned over living wage study delay

A delay in publishing a review into a possible living wage for Jersey will "bury it as an election issue" according to a St Helier politician.
Deputy Geoff Southern introduced a successful proposition in May 2013 calling on the chief minister to review the concept of a living wage.
Chief Minister, Senator Ian Gorst, said he needed more time and would publish an interim report at the end of 2014.
Deputy Southern said it was originally due by the end of January 2014.
He said delaying the report until the end of 2014 would "bury it" as an issue for the elections in October.
"It was accepted at the time that it would take longer than January to produce the report but what that has done is sweep it off the table, so it is not a topic for active debate.
"It should be an issue we are presenting to prospective members of the States 'are you for or against a living wage'."
'Cost of living'
Jersey companies must pay a minimum wage of £6.63 an hour. The living wage is a guideline amount that is calculated around a basic standard of living.
In the original proposition, approved 35 votes to seven, Deputy Southern asked the chief minister to "investigate the feasibility and desirability of the introduction of a living wage for Jersey".
The report is expected to examine the experience of other jurisdictions, the appropriate level it could be set at and the impact on the business sector.
Senator Gorst said there was a commitment to investigate a living wage in the 2014 business plan.
He told the States of Jersey: "There are a number of different elements to the living wage calculation, one of which is income distribution.
"Work on the 2014/2015 Household Income Distribution Survey will start in spring 2014 and will be completed by the end of 2015.
"Alongside that, work will be undertaken to establish other elements of the living wage calculation, such as basic cost of living."

"Mark Cocking - The Final Battle"

"An Awesome Presentation"

The write up is below

People v. The Banks - The LAST BATTLE...[Mark Cocking New Horizons 2014]

A presentation to New Horizons Saint Annes by the highly popular speaker, Mark Cocking, into the core belief of religion and its relationship with the ruling oligarchy. 

For 35 years, Mark has explored the financial enslavement of humanity. As a Druid and within his financial career, he has had diverse involvements with bankers, Templars, freemasons, esoteric societies, religious leaders, activists, occultists, scientists, business leaders, politicians, writers and researchers.

As an activist and the only Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Bankers to have challenged the occult oligarchy -- publicly and from within the financial world, at great personal cost -- Mark is aware that the 'Truth Communities' have been subject to a psychological operation to convince them not to unify.

This presentation to New Horizons Saint Annes, shares insights and asks questions, a few of which we all need to ask ourselves... such as the ultimate reality of numbers as the core belief of the religion of the ruling oligarchy and the unquestionable proof of this which unifies all natural sciences.

In an age of Information, Data and Knowledge, people are exploring the nature of their own reality.

These passive, active and neutral elements (which together fuel the fires of awakening) are but 3 of 4 aspects perceivable by human consciousness. The 4th aspect is 'Wisdom'. When did we start to believe that we should not unify to defeat the criminals who enslave us? Was it because we have come to believe that we must act independently, never to expose a united front to the enemy lest they attack it? Imagine a resistance movement which did not do that. It would be no resistance. Is there a peaceful and loving way, in full harmony with natural principles, by which we can coalesce as a resistance movement and remove the criminals? I believe there is.

Is it not reasonable to consider the possibility that we are only enlightened insofar as 'They' wish us to be?

We're all looking for answers but they are mutable. The question, however, is not.

Mark Cocking

Sunday, 23 February 2014

"The Greatest Antibiotic On The Planet Scores Another Win By The Look Of It" :)

"The 'Suppa Duppa' In Action Again"

Dr Robert Beck, philanthropist and great medical mind of the ages.
One of the finest men I've never known! :(

A friend of mine has a daughter who has just had major back surgery, and I mean major!!!

She had just returned from England after the surgery and her wound had gotten infected and had started spewing out all sorts of puss and grime. The Jersey general hospital staff were extremely worried, they had been in constant contact with the English hospital and had advised the parents that she may have to be flown back to England if matters got any worse.

My friend had told me of the problems over the phone and I said that I would rattle up a bottle of Ionic Colloidal Silver immediately!

A bottle of what?

Find out at the link below

So, two hours later I dropped off the Ionic Colloidal Silver and the parents took it down to their daughter in hospital, I gave them instructions on how it should be used and that the wound should also be cleaned with it, that was two days ago.

Tonight at 9.00 pm I got a phone call from the father who stated that the wound had not been treated with the Ionic Colloidal Silver but the daughter had been taking it orally for the last two days as instructed. He told me he was very skeptical, but trusted me and was willing to try it. During this phone call he stated that his daughters condition had improved massively and that the wound had stopped oozing puss and was now dry.

Being the well researched cock sure twerp I am, I responded
"Well, I told you so".

I said that I will make another bottle up tonight and that she would be fine in another couple of days. Even without applying the Ionic Colloidal Silver to the wound directly, her little body coped beautifully with this wonder of nature. After the phone call I had a little sniffle....must have been coming down with a cold or something!!!

The greatest antibiotic on our beautiful earth,


Saturday, 22 February 2014

"Will Autism Group Reveal True Costs And Benefits Of Free Trip?"

Autism group conquer Kilimanjaro

But do Autism group conquer Autism?

A team of Islanders have achieved their ambition of climbing Mount Kilimanjaro.
The group of 26 were aiming to raise £50,000 for Autism Jersey through their six day charity trek, but have already raised more than £54,000, with more money still coming in.
The team, who took the Lemosho Route to the mountain's 5,895-metre peak, ranged in age from the early 20s up to 70 and included a policeman, two accountants, some finance employees, a restaurateur and a member of the Jersey Criminal Justice team, as well as three trustees and three members of staff from Autism Jersey.
Donations can still be made to the JT Kilimanjaro Climb participants online at:
"A team of Islanders have achieved their ambition of climbing Mount Kilimanjaro."
But WTF have they done for autism in Jersey?
What use is their ambition of climbing mount Kilimanjaro for the people of Jersey who suffer from autism?
Did they pay for their own trip....
Do they even know what causes Autism?
Of course they don't....They just want your money to pay into the same scam merchants they use for scrounging money off gullible fuckwit's for cancer charities.

Cancer, which is totally curable in this day and age, and has been since the days of Dr Maximillian Gerson (80 years ago).

Wake up jersey, and smell the coff coff....

I will be starting a healing centre in the next 3 months, a healing centre that will run simply on donations, if the tight fisted will not donate, then it falls apart on it's arse.

We will be curing Cancer, HIV, AIDS, Lupus, Epstein Barr, ME, MRSA, CFS, Herpes, all STD's, Gout, Eczema, Thrush, MMR, MS, all infections, virus's, diabetes, hepatitis, all fungus's ....and all lumps on titties!


Coz we know how to cure this shit!!!

That's why....

"Syvret First, Then The Pitman's, Now It's Higgins Turn As The Last Man Standing"

"The Jersey Way In All It's Odious Filth"

Good gravy, they haven't turned on Mike have they?

Please click on the pics to read them

International Air Display:
Here's My Side Of The Story

"It's Very Rarely I Agree With The Police"

"Jersey greed gave rise to this situation"

Whilst I cannot agree with the police on their wording of this article, I do agree on the fundamental principle this article carries.

Youngsters wanting to make a few bucks and save people a few bucks, nothing wrong with that, especially when you understand the exorbitant amount that licensed taxi drivers charge.

Police Wording

"Snare drivers offering illegal lifts"
There is nothing unlawful or illegal about giving someone a lift, however, if you admit to driving you place yourself in commerce, traveling is fine.

"They faced prosecution if they continued to advertise lifts in exchange for money"
Well of course, if you are engaging in commerce on the highway you will be liable if you consent to their statutory laws. If however you give people lifts for free and just accept kind donations you are doing nothing wrong.

"The police compiled a list of cars and drivers who were suspected of offering the service"
Again, driving is in commerce, traveling isn't. To offer something is not unlawful or illegal, BUT....there is a huge difference between contract for service (as they state) and contract for hire. Buy a Black's Law Dictionary and learn to distinguish between the two!

"No arrests were made in relation to an illegal taxi service"
Not surprising if one doesn't contract with the police as giving anyone a lift is not breaking the law, statutory or common law. The trouble arises when those traveling in their automobiles start complying with the police when stopped and questioned.

You can give a lift to anyone you want, any time and anywhere, and you are within your rights to accept a kindly given donation if you so choose. Start fucking around in commerce without knowing the rules and your going to come a cropper sooner or later.

"The Downside Of Accepting Lifts"

Firstly, you have no idea whatsoever who is going to pick you up, a pervert, a paedophile, a rapist,  a mugger. Christ, there are thousands in Jersey just waiting to take advantage of you.

And as this article below states, they stopped one asshole who had been drinking!!! the ramifications of this are imponderable and utterly disturbing. Do you even know if your chauffeur has taken drugs earlier in the evening?

And what about the glaring potential for rape? Cocky young dude picks up stunning honey bunny who is pissed off her cake!


Safer just to get a legitimate taxi driver on the job, unless of course, it's Phil Rondel's mate Brian Downs, the child rapist.

If I might, I would like to suggest a number that you can ring and these men will get you home safely at the right price :)



Just ask for Richard or Cliff

Friday, 21 February 2014

"Health Supplements Will Be Worthless If The E.U Gets It's Way"

"New World Order Moving On Guernsey
As Well"

More regulation for herbal tablets?

Many islanders take health supplements on a daily basis and questions are being asked over how they are regulated.

Next week Guernsey States will decide whether or not to introduce EU derivatives which would mean stricter control over health supplements.

But there is growing concern from health food experts and customers that it is another restriction to many.

Judy Hayman uses herbal tablets, she said: "I can't bear the thought of it because conventional medicine actually gave up on me and I sought out a doctor who practices nutritional medicine and I would have been in a wheelchair if he hadn't sorted me out by doing tests that the average GP doesn't know about because they haven't been trained in that form of medicine."

Deputy John Gollop said: "I could be wrong here but I don't believe there's a single legislator... who is an expert on the subject. I'm absolutely convinced that none of us knows what we're talking about."

"It would appear that they could be banned in Guernsey in the future or at least subject to rigorous and expensive regulations that are ultimately derived from Whitehall and the European Union in Brussels and I think that's a bitter pill for local health food and vitamin experts to swallow."

Thursday, 20 February 2014

"Government About To Create More Crimes Via Statutory Law"

"Children's Welfare Or Money?"

This picture alone should be enough to stop anyone smoking near children.

This is the simplicity and beauty of Common Law, we take responsibility for our actions. What we don't do is beg for government to put a levy on all our actions, restricting our lives even further down to the lowest totem of slave!

When you create a new statute you create a new crime, and in statutory law these quasi crimes are there simply for revenue generation, for government profit.

Jersey wants to protect children from second hand smoke but flatly refuses to protect children from child abusers and paedophiles!

The quote from States Medical Officer, Dr Susan (swineflu sue) Turnbull is amazing.

"I was very pleased with the large response across all Jersey's population groups to our consultation last summer, and the strength of public opinion saying that more needs to be done to protect our children from the harmful effects of smoke on their health now"

This from a woman who injects children, babies, and pregnant mothers with some of the most deadly neurotoxins known to man!

This practice being described quite admirably by world renowned neurosurgeon Dr Russell Blaylock when he said,

"Vaccinating a baby or pregnant woman, I can think of nothing more insane"

And quite frankly, neither can I....

"The UK Column - Bring Back The Bradbury"

"The Return Of Debt Free Currency"

Join Us At Westminster On Budget Day

It is Budget Day on the 19th March. George Osborne will announce to the world that everything is well, the Conservatives have saved the world, and millions of new jobs have been created since 2010.
In the meantime, two and a half million people remain out of work, over a million of them for more than six months, and Britain's productivity has fallen behind that of Spain, Belgium, the Netherlands and Ireland. 
And while people sit idle, Britain's infrastructure continues it's terminal collapse, with people flooded out of their homes, businesses and farms, or have their property damaged by sinkholes. The main line to Plymouth is still closed as a result of the collapse of the sea wall at Dawlish, and motoring organistaions warn that we are not far from roads being closed due to the scale of the winter pothold damage.
Osborne's austerity programme is systematically taking the nation to third world status, and people sit idle.
So we would like to invite you to join us at the Houses of Parliament on the 19th March. This will not be a protest. We will not be shouting slogans or carrying banners. Rather will will be speaking to as many people as possible - passers by, journalists, any MPs not so scared of their constituents that they feel the need to call the police - about the Bradbury Pound and about the policy of national credit which it represents. 
Details of where we will meet and at what time will be announced closer to the time, but in the meantime please put a note in your diary and we hope to see you there.

UK Column Live

There will be no UK Column Live news updates next week (24th-28th Feb) while we work on other things. Evening live programmes will go head as usual:
Monday, 19:30 - Humanity versus Insanity: The Crane Report
Monday, 21:00 - Fracking Nightmare
Tuesday, 21:00 - The Health Revolution
Friday, 18:00 - Doomwatch
Additionally we will be streaming out a selection of pre-recorded talks, interviews and documentaries. It can all be found, as usual, at
UK Column Live will return at 1pm on Monday, 3rd March.

A Doomwatch Special

Next Tuesday, 25th Feb, at 2PM, alex:g will present a special live edition of Doomwatch, with special guest comedian and activist Mark Thomas, talking about his “100 Acts of Minor Dissent” tour and matters of freedom and liberty...

The Most Valuable Evening Of The Year: Finding And Keeping Your Health

This Saturday, 22nd Feb, Clive de Carle and Richard Cumbers are speaking on health issues at The Meeting House, Ship Street, Brighton BH1 1AF.
For more on Clive and Richard, please see Episode 7 of The Health Revolution.
Tickets are available from and cost £5

"An Obstruction To Planes? - An Airport Terminal?"

Should it stay or should it go?

ON the one hand the arrivals terminal at the Airport is a rare example of 1930s architecture, on another it is a potentially dangerous obstruction to planes.
The arrivals terminal at the Airport

The Airport authorities have applied to demolish the 1937 building, as it is also known, and the Planning Minister is due to give his decision on Monday. But what do you think should happen to the building? Should they be allowed to demolish it?

"A potentially dangerous obstruction to planes"

We are now forced to ask the questions:

1. How is a purpose built arrivals terminal a danger to planes?

2. How many planes, in the buildings history, have slammed into it?