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Thursday, 2 January 2014

"Update With FMOTL Dean Clifford"

"Update From Brandon Correctional Centre"

Dean Clifford was arrested 24/11/2013 by police after holding a seminar to enlighten people about the common law and their common law rights. Government are so desperate to keep him quiet they are breaking the law at every turn to try and suppress him, but without success.

Below is the recorded update that was taken from a prison phone call.

Since the last hearing the transcripts from all hearings to date have been obtained and reviewed.
Within them, from the very first page, it is obvious the judicial system of the provincial courts, judiciary, and the judges are an absolute joke in which there is total disregard to law and justice.
Fabricated warrants were never endorsed It has been found and stated on the record.
The prosecution has also been caught out referring to prior ‘offences’ as convictions in which they were in fact and on the record to be struck off and thrown out.
The charges at fictitious and stator in nature which there is no real victims and no harm or damage has been incurred. The stem with some old vintage guns that are family air loops which have historic and nostalgic value.

The accuser has moved from the JP to Judges in which one claimed that “Well, I’m your accuser at this point…[AND] …I’m your jailor at this point”
Hamilton Police have put on the record in an affidavit that no warrant was provided and was a warrantless arrest.

Some of the statements Dean stipulated in court and in the transcripts are as follows as follows:
“I don’t consent to be associated to a legal person for these proceedings; I will not appear as a legal person; I don’t consent to appearance in a statutory jurisdiction either”
“Well, this is, this is a kangaroo court and it’s not a court of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the II…you don’t have any duties that I even really care about in the first place”
“I don’t consent to represent the legal fiction these people have brought into court”
“Never in my life have I [have] consented to be recognized as a legal fiction under their terms and conditions and I certainly do not, do not consent and refuse to appear in the jurisdiction that they’ve created which is full of unicorns and rainbows”
“NO, I will not be playing this game at all”
“As one of the sovereign people of this land I convene a lawful court of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the II; I have all sorts of claims against this man and I think that we should proceed in a game of my choosing; We can settle up these false claims in a real hurry”

The assertions from Dean is the only statements in this hearings worth reading, everything else that the judge and the prosecution has to say is nonsensical and is obvious they have no case what so ever.
It is also obvious what they are doing is stalling, dragging things out and changing hands and tossing the case around like a hot potato as all involved do not want to be left holding all the liability that is building up by every hour Dean is locked up.
There is been reports from Dean stated in the transcripts that he has been tortured and his mentioned once again in this update there is in fact that violence being inflected on him.
They are denying him a show cause hearing, writ of habeas corpus, demand to show cause, demand for empirical evidence. All were severed by three different parties on the courts. According to their own laws, these documents should have been heard within 24 hours but have been ignored and the judge is claiming ignorance and denial of such filings exist.

They have tried to peg the legal fiction to Dean via fingerprints but have failed.
They are also trying to associate another individual with Dean’s case which has a legal aid lawyer just to obscure and confuse the case even further. But they have failed there as well.
There are financing issues for the courts and the prosecutor as they are not getting paid. This has been denoted as a issue for over a month now and still isn’t resolved for them.
On the transcripts often Dean’s statements were recorded as “(inaudible)” and more frequent occurrences of “ – - “ throughout where important information is being censored. He only got his final couple of statements recorded towards the end of the transcript on the 19th December.
Increasingly there are unidentified people making statements in the court as well.
The next hearing is January 28th 2014, Tuesday this is most likely another closed hearing as they don’t want any witnesses of the grievous violations of Dean’s rights and prefer to keep things being closed doors. If anyone is free that day, maybe it would be good to let them know we are watching them and know what they are up to.

Once again, the courts are located at the Law Courts Building which is located at 408 York Avenue in Winnipeg. The court room will be 405. No time was stated yet but will know more closer to the date.
The legal aid lawyer for the other individual is still unsure if they have full authority to represent them.
The officer with badge number 1796 with the RCMP could possibly be looking at some charges laid upon him, where it has been stated he has inflicted violence resulting in assault and even attempted murder. Now that Dean has spoken of this incident, it is on the public record.

If you want to voice your concerns, you can write to:
The Honorable Peter Gordon MacKay
Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada
284 Wellington Street
Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0H8
If you want to write to Dean:
Brandon Correctional Centre
375 Veterans Way,
Canada R7C 0B1
Phone 204-725-3532

Fax: 204-727-3961

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