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Sunday, 5 January 2014

"The Church Falling Apart At The Seams"

Town Church switches on to reach the ‘screen generation'

A new multi-media service is to be introduced at the Town Church

A NEW multi-media service is to be introduced at the Town Church to encourage younger people to (be indoctrinated) attend worship.
By contrast to traditional services where the congregation are given hymn and prayer books to use, those attending the new 9.30 am Sunday service will follow the proceedings on a big screen at the front of the church.
The traditional 10 am service will continue as normal but starting at 11 am instead. The 8 am and 6 pm services will also take place as they have done in the past.
The Dean of Jersey, the Very Rev Bob Key, said that the new service – which was the idea of the church’s new vicar, the Rev Chris Jervis – would help to bring the ‘screen generation’ who use computers, smart phones and tablets into church.


  1. No, I don't think a big screen will change the mess the church are in.

  2. I think a change of ethics may help, and how will a screen change the exclusive clique to include young people? The screen is an interesting way of using funds.

    1. The church will never change it's ethics HG, it is the largest and most powerful corporation on the planet, and has been for well over a thousand years. What the church is actually pissed about is the fact that psychopaths like Obama and his bankster mates are trying to take over this well established mafia for themselves. That is why the church is doing everything it can to draw new recruits, it has a new enemy, and that new enemy is one that it created itself....To big to fail?

  3. They voted against female priests and they think a screen will attract young people who will be glared at and shunned because of their youth, that church is a club for wealthy old dignitaries.

  4. I agree that the Church has 'had its day.' I have read a lot about the Church as well about religion, and as you say Ian, i agree that the Church is a kind of powerful mafia. The recent cases of their protecting paedophile priests won't help it either.
    I think it's plain to see that the Church has no place in modern society, no purpose whatesoever. I have never met any priest who has had any 'religious experience', other than thinking that reading the bible was so.
    The church talks about Jesus, but makes no mention about protecting our nature and forests from destruction. The nature and the planet we live on is our real god. Not some human created idea that must be maintained with force and fear. Remember, just because something has been maintained over the years, does NOT make it right.

  5. I think they will find that the "‘screen generation’ who use computers, smart phones and tablets" will be tech-savvy enough to search for recent information on our beloved Dean and quickly discover what a lying, snide little arsehole he is. Not going to get too many recruits going down this path!

    Nice screen though, I wonder how much that cost the St Helier ratepayers? It sure will go well with the extremely expensive underfloor heating which the ratepayers bought for the red-faced little fat piggie Bob Key.

  6. oh, it's rude to rude to call him little fat piggie :( we call him Jabba :) it appears that they are imitating that church at First Tower with their new pattern of services, I wonder who's idea it really was?