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Thursday, 2 January 2014

"NWO And The Beginning Of The End Of Cash"

Plastic banknotes? Not for us, says Treasury

THERE are no plans for Jersey to follow the UK and introduce plastic bank notes, Treasury Minister Philip Ozouf has confirmed.
The Bank of England has announced plans to switch to new polymer notes, possibly as soon as 2016.
However, Senator Ozouf said that there are no immediate plans to convert to plastic bank notes in Jersey.
There we go, the start of the end of cash in society, I wonder just what kind of RFID chip will be put into these little gems?
Just think, money that can be tracked and traced anywhere!
No one will ever be able to refuse to pay a fine, or tax, or any other financial penalty heaped upon us ever again. Every penny everywhere will be taxed and regulated all over the planet, and most idiots will think this just fine.
Good luck people, you sure as hell are going to need it :)


  1. i think you hit the nail on the head this time m8, total controle .thank fuck i had a good run of life and that i am now skint . lol