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Saturday, 4 January 2014

"More Flannel From The Cancer Clowns In Jersey"

New Surgeon for Jersey

Mark McQuillan reports.

Cancer patients in Jersey say their lives have been made more bearable thanks to the appointment of a new surgeon.
Well, they would say that wouldn't they, what else do they have to say? They are being lied to!

Mr Miklos Kassai uses the most up-to-date keyhole surgery, and his skills mean many islanders will no longer have to travel to the UK for treatment.
"His skills mean many islanders will no longer have to travel to the UK for treatment." Do his skills mean that many islanders will be cured of cancer?

Patients have welcomed the news because they will no longer be separated from friends and family. Aaah, joy, they will no longer be separated from their loved ones whilst they are being lied to and murdered, how fucking quaint!!!

"Cancer - The Myths & The Magic"

Swine flu Sue Turnbull
Not one single rebuttal on anything I have ever posted?
Why the fuck not?
Does this bitch know full well that cancer is totally curable?

Getting the right advice and treatment just never seems to come into the equation in Jersey, or anywhere else for that matter. Surgery, is the greatest scam on the planet, except for taxation & religeon.

And why would any sane human being accept being treated for cancer with chemical poisons & radiation that almost inevitably will give you cancer? The answer is very simple, there are very few people out there telling the truth about cancer as most people don't know the truth about cancer, including most doctors. The rest of them, those that do know the truth about cancer, are just fucking lying to you! It's all about the money you mugs.

Remember this, chemotherapy and radiation treatment annihilates your immune system, your immune system is the only thing that is going to save you from cancer. Check out interleukin and interferon on the web. Why on God's Earth would you agree to annihilating your immune system??? No doubt they get you to "Sign" for your treatment, right? Alleviating themselves from all liability in the process :)
Your first few goals when dealing with cancer should be to immediately change your diet to raw fruit and vegetables (preferably alkaline & certainly organic) which should be mushed in a blender (not exceeding 10 seconds) then drunk, or better still, pressed with a high quality juicer. Stop your intake of almost all sugars except those contained in the fresh fruit, but limit those as sugar feeds cancer summat rotten. Get as much oxygen into your system as possible (exercise - slow deep breathing through your nose), and get your body slightly alkaline to a PH level of around 7.35 an environment in which cancer cannot survive.
It is also essential to drink only pure water as tap water is usually full of chlorine and fluoride, amongst a whole host of other agricultural chemicals that seep through the ground into the water table. Invest in a high quality water distiller which will cost around £120 to £150.
Very important also is to read up about enzymes in fruit and veg, and the magic they perform inside of you.
Ionic Colloidal Silver is paramount also.
Did the States of Jersey Hospital ever tell any of you about what I have posted above?
See the link below for everything you ever needed to know about curing cancer :)

As a grand finale, my mate from the north on how easy it is to cure cancer :)

Just 3 days!!!

Back up vids are available by checking the labels at the bottom of this posting....

1 comment:

  1. I have had a couple of comments on this posting telling me I am nasty, and mad. So lets try and define what is nasty and mad.

    Nasty is when you are getting paid a fortune by the public purse to cure the public, and are not doing so. Nasty is when you lie to the public about the alleged cures that you know full well don't work. Nasty is when you inject small children with highly dangerous neurotoxins which inflame the child's brain and arrest the development of the child's brain whilst telling the parents that such toxic filth is completely safe. Nasty is when you appear on Tell-Lie-Vision and tell islanders that one in two are going to get cancer, and then blame it on the people because of their lifestyles. Nasty is when you prescribe pills and potions to people knowing that it will not cure the problem, and may cause many other problems. Nasty is when you profess to be a fully qualified doctor and have done virtually no studies into nutrition. Nasty is when you know the cures for people and do nothing to petition the government for those cures to be made legal, that is NASTY....

    Mad is when you treat cancer with carcinogenic materials. Mad is when you hack off peoples limbs knowing that all that is required to cure is a simple solution of ionic colloidal silver. Mad is when you go around telling people that curable diseases are incurable. Mad is when you send people home to die after the poison you have given to them hasn't worked, yet you have refused to give them a treatment that does work. Mad is when you know all this, and still refuse to do anything about it.

    Am I MAD? No, I am fucking raging.

    I find it heartbreaking when I watch videos of people being interviewed (like the one above) and see them praising this rotten system simply to make government and the health service look good. It sickens me when I watch those at the top of the medical tree injecting children with poison in full view of the cameras. I get so angry when I discover that all the good cures are suppressed because there is no profit in them for the pharmaceutical industry, or that those cures are not being used because they cannot be patented.

    The worst of it is when I know that we are deliberately being poisoned by government, the food with GMO's, the water with chlorine and fluoride, even the air we breath with, among other things, barium, nano aluminum-coated fiberglass [known as CHAFF], radioactive thorium, cadmium, chromium, nickel, desiccated blood, mold spores, yellow fungal mycotoxins, ethylene dibromide, and polymer fibers.

    Because of all this toxicity we are ill, so we go to the doctor or hospital to get well only to find that they are poisoning us to. Well, certainly here in Jersey, I am going to do something about it....Watch this space.