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Thursday, 2 January 2014

"Jersey Needs Some Of This Guy....But Which One?"


This guy?

Or this guy?


  1. are they right to fine 200 quid for not returning tax forms ontime or is it illigal fine they are not judges

    1. Tax is voluntary, it's as simple as that, it is an offer for you to accept or decline.

      Because they are acting against your legal fiction (Mr, Mrs, Sir) they can only make you an offer as the legal fiction is not real, it's just a construct of their system of enslavement. They use deceptive words like "Must" which is synonymous with "May" as they can only legally make you an offer.

      An example is things like your tax form;
      "You "Must" complete this form and return it to our offices no later than blah blah blah, or you "Will" be liable to a fine of £250".

      People believe that shit because they have been indoctrinated to believe that paying tax is what we are supposed to do in life, which is simply not true. "If" you fill in their form and return it, then you are liable for tax because you accepted their offer by filling in their form! You accepted their contract so are now liable to abide by their terms and conditions as you have accepted liability for the legal fiction they created.

    2. If you have "Registered" as a business, that is a different ball game as you have contracted with the authorities by voluntarily "Registering" with them and are now legally liable to obey their rules. Please see the easy to understand videos by clicking on THIS LINK