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Monday, 6 January 2014

"It Really Doesn't Get Much Sicker Than This"

New Jersey founder to be honoured with statue?

St Peter Constable John Refault at the site where he would like the statue erected

A JERSEYMAN’S 17th century role in sheltering the future King Charles II should be recognised by a statue in his home parish of St Peter, the Constable has proposed.
Staunch Royalist Sir George Carteret was rewarded by the King with the gift of land in the New World which he named New Jersey, now the US state celebrating its 350th anniversary this year.
St Peter Constable John Refault wants to mark the association with a statue of Sir George, who became a Vice-Admiral and helped to shelter the fugitive Prince and future King in Jersey during the English Civil War.
The Jerseyman also arranged for the Island to proclaim Charles II the successor to the throne following his father Charles I’s execution in 1649, making Jersey the first place to recognise him as King.
Now, Mr Refault wants to see a statue of Sir George, who grew up in St Peter and lived with his family on Mont des Vignes, built on land outside St Peter’s Country Inn to remind people of his role in history.


  1. This is the man who is being lined up to take over from Bob Du Hamel as they try and get him out, by Gorst et al,and the puppet masters

    You can see why bloody Buffoon.

  2. Constable Refault is the worst kind of ass licking creep,who seeks to ingratiate himself with those in power while doing the dance with rampant developers....the very worst kind of person to be in the system,a man with an ego the size of Mount Bingham,coupled with the abilities of an imbecile, a detestable social climbing cretin of the John Le Suer muold..get the bastard out.