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Friday, 3 January 2014

"Is Gameshow Mike Massaging The Figures?"

Fall in reported crime for third year running

Mike Bowron, chief officer of the States of Jersey Police
LEVELS of reported crime fell by 18 per cent last year – the third consecutive annual drop, according to police.
Statistics released today show that 2013 saw the biggest drop in the number of crimes reported in three years and equates to about 670 fewer recorded victims of crime.
Overall, in the past three years the number of reported crimes has fallen by 30% – the equivalent of more than 1,000 fewer victims during that period.
In 2013, there were 3,162 incidents recorded by police compared with 4,564 in 2010.
Mike Bowron, chief officer of the States of Jersey Police, said that he was ‘immensely proud’ of his team for their work to help prevent crime.
I must confess, these figures hardly surprise me as for the last three years Mr Bowron and his team have deliberately been refusing to take complaints of crimes committed by government employees!
These many complaints against government employees include planning corruption, perjury, grave and criminal assault, doctoring of trial recordings, false statements, judges committing treason, fraud, theft, illegal police raids, wrongful arrest, unlawful imprisonment, kidnapping, fabrication of evidence, and a whole host of other goodies that the Jersey authorities have been carrying out unchecked and unpunished for generations....


  1. he,s been masaging something thats for sure .get ready for the big comedown. bye bye mikey

  2. Anyone who believes that crock of shit is only fit to be a policeman!

  3. Mike Bowron ,it is alleged caused an accident on route du fort recently crossing a double white line and causing a prang,,,,now not repoting such things when you are top cop is surely a crime,even against those who pay his fabulous wages,,,,,AAhh I see that's how to get the figures down,,,,cover up what's going Stuart would say " You couldn't make it up"...and where were the J.E.P.....part of the cover up it seems

  4. IF anyone out there has a genuine grievance with, or about the Police a good test would be to write in with your complaint AND simultaneously submit a "Subject data access' (under the Data protection Jsy Law) & request regarding all the information allowed by this law.

    If you were treated like I was your complaint will not be properly investigated and the disclosures will be just redaction.

    If you complaint to Ian Le Marquand he will just refer your complaint about the Police to the Chief officer. Guess what happens next. Ask to meet with Ian Le Marquand - he will refuse to answer you. He will not meet with you even though a public servant. Ask to meet with his delegate he will not even allow that.

    Go on - if you are curious. Also have a look at the Police complaints website and the Police Complaints Authority website so you know what is supposed to happen . I reckon it will not!l

    It seems that the SOJP & HA are masters of deflection and batting responsibility at each other and nothing ever gets done!