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Sunday, 5 January 2014

"Dean Clifford - The Crown & Blackmail"

"Jurisdiction Is Hilarious!"


  1. OMG, Howarth has said on fb that he reckons you were wrongly banged up in the 90's as it wasn't a safe conviction. no bull.

    1. Everyone knows I was wrongly banged up in the 90's....

      When the police refuse to take your shoes, or arrest you at the scene of a crime where you are alleged to have kicked someone in the head, you know you are going to get stitched up! When they doctor the last page of the main prosecution witness statement, doctor a recording I had made, then doctor your trial tapes before they are sent for transcription, then they refuse to give you a copy of the Avon & Somerset Police report into that investigation, when they then come out with the crap it was lost in a flood and there were no copies of that investigation report....Then you can be sure it was an unsafe conviction!!!

      Trouble with Jon is that he also goes around telling the world that I have pushed a woman through some glass doors, have a conviction for burglary, and a conviction for GBH, and adds that I have battered policemen in the past, that is how reliable anything Jon says is?

  2. Ian
    Part three of Dean Clifford is online.