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Monday, 6 January 2014

"Comrade Mezec Slipping In By The Back Door - But Was It Deliberately Left Open For Him?"

Mezec to stand in by-election

The Chairman of Reform Jersey, Sam Mezec has announced he is planning to stand in the St Helier number two district by-election.

Mr Mezec is a 23 year-old Law graduate who grew up in the island.

He aims to 'bring local politics into the 21st century.'

Sam Mezec said: "“Ordinary people in St Helier are feeling the pinch, now more than ever. If elected, my primary focus will be on pressuring the government to introduce measures that will create job security, address the cost of living crisis and end rampant population growth. These three things combined will make life better for people in St Helier.”


"He aims to 'bring local politics into the 21st century."

With all due respect to anyone with a brain, the last place we need politics is in the 21st Century!

Politics is what has trashed humanity for over six thousand years, the worst of it coming in the last hundred years where man has descended into utter chaos and evil. It is quite apparent that Mr Mezec is a Statist, believing unconditionally in statutory law (which actually isn't law) and the utter rule of government with an iron fist for the slightest of transgression that are not in accordance with their LAW!!!

For the not so wise among us, that means fines, permits, licenses, etc etc etc. Government cannot license something that is not unlawful, so if it is not unlawful, why do we need licenses, certificates and permits to do those things?

"WE DON'T!!!"

You only need look at my last three very recent postings about the treatment of Dean Clifford to understand statutory law and it's totalitarian consequences.

I also find matters very suspicious when I cast my mind back to one of my postings wherein Bailhache praised The Mezecian One telling Jersey that young Sam had a great future in front of him, or words to that effect. Why?

It is self evident from history that the powers that be will set up someone in opposition, boost their credulity with the public by decreeing them a tough young fighter of liberty and freedom, whilst always controlling them via strings at the back of the stage!!!

Below, Robert Arthur Menard, one of the leading lights and most knowledgeable men of the 'Free Man On The Land' community explains the difference between 'Statutes' and 'Law'....'Free-men' and 'Slaves'.

I can hear you all now, come on Ian, Sam Mezec is a bright young lad with fresh new ideas for the people to prosper by.


Ask yourselves this, who ever prospered from the policies of government except members and friends of government?

Your only 'half' guarantee of freedom is to not contract with government in the first instance, by not doing so you are bound by nothing in statutory law except for your birth certificate and your expressed or tacit consent. As I have explained before, government is a corporation, statutes only apply to members of the Bar Association, Law Society and government employees. Voting is a franchise owned by The States Of Jersey Inc....Vote and you consent to be governed by these parasitic thugs, no matter which one of these inadequate buffoons actually wins or not, you are bound by the simple fact that you registered to vote.

If Mr Mezec wins, and proves me wrong by his actions when in government, as always I shall offer my humble apologies and my hand, but don't expect an apology any time soon from me!

"Time yields everything."

Please note that the Dean Clifford video below was added to the posting 'AFTER' someone in the comment section asked for "Proof of claim" of my claim. Read the comment section before watching the video please :)


  1. Good Lord, the pro Oligarchy comments are flying in at the moment. Not one of them has a chance of being published as they are all from the same wretched source.

  2. Fuck me, there's another one :) Perhaps I should save these and email them on to the Pitman's for further thought?

    Lets face it, the Pitman's are the fall guys for this By-election, and more so, the next ellection, the whole freaking lot was stage managed, wake the fuck up people of Jersey.


  3. Ian, your suspicions may be right. With the name 'some mezcal', errr. Sam Mezec, do you suppose this guy is taking the piss?/ or having a piss up?? lol....

    1. I couldn't care less anon, I am not contracted to government other than I am claiming my money back that I have kindly and stupidly donated over the years :)

  4. so you dont have a driving licence the?

    1. Yes, yes I do anon, but I was tricked and forced into getting one, much the same way as your parents were tricked and forced into registering YOU at birth....Thereby making you a ward of state until you came of age.

      Do I operate under that license as a government agent/employee when I travel in an automobile? NO!!! And they cannot prove that I do. Unless, of course, as a government agent or employee, they can provide proof of what I was being paid at the time of the alleged transgression.

      And as slavery is outlawed, I cannot be forced to work for free, so what was I being paid?

  5. Hi Ian,

    Doing what you do best I see.

    *** infighting ***

    The abuse of law is indeed crap.

    In Jersey this abuse of law has been stitched up by the local cartel.

    Big changes are needed
    But can you detail for us the the idyllic time in history, pre-statutory law, when populations (particularly the lower echelons thereof) were so much better off, safer, more free and not pray to "mob justice".

    Then explain how hospitals, schools, roads, sewage systems etc are going to be organised and built.

    You have always been a bit thin on details of how your statute-free, democracy-free society is going to work.
    Go on sell it to us because we would really like to know.

    Personally I would be in favour of a complete overhaul of legal systems.
    The first step in overhauling systems is to recognise their shortcomings.
    (I wonder where Sam stands on this? -actually he just positively commented on his blog)

    IMO politics and statute are not the problem. The problem is the HIJACK of politics and statute.

    Any fool can pick a fight. The wise find and expand on the common ground.

    Or you could do the Oligarchy's job for them,
    way to go, dude !

    Love the just-in-case apology Ian

    1. Sam source, oh sorry, same source, yes, same source, slightly different attitude, therefore I posted :)

      And yes I can, two mins Sam :)

    2. There we go, how did you like my response?

      What response you say?

      Look back on the posting at the end, there you will find a new video explaining everything :)

      Get it now peeps?

  6. I guess I will chalk this vid up as another success of my ability to "DO SOME FUCKING RESEARCH" into the problems that plague the world at this rather sensitive time in our history :)

    1. I hope we make it guys, I really do :)

  7. Wazzup witha the Mezwhit?........????

    1. Say what you mean, else the Mezecian one is entitled to speak in the same riddles and horseshit that you do!!!

  8. Sam I am? (green eggs and ham)

    I thought I was Farmer Palmer?

    Or was I a "disinformation troll"?

    Good grief !
    You seriously need to check your "sources" mate

    That is not an answer. It is an hour long promo video with poor sound.

    Are you able to answer the question or give us the time section in the video which does.

    Preferably the question I asked ;-)

    Your blog is always good fun, often humorous, and occasionally valuable and informative.
    Thank you for reminding me why I rarely bother leaving comments or questions on it.

    I have left your video playing in the background and your guru said that he is happy to pay for roads - he did not say how.

    Unfortunately the video hes now stopped and will not currently restart so a short text answer would be good.

    The question remains:
    Can you detail for us the the idyllic time in history, pre-statutory law, when populations (particularly the lower echelons thereof) were so much better off, safer, more free and not pray to "mob justice".

    You can choose any say 100+year period, anywhere from history, anywhere in the world. It would be helpful if the population has at least the same population density but it would be unrealistic to demand an example with anything above a subsistence economy to make it easy for you.

    Luckily you are so much better at errr....research than me.

    Suggest you avoid opt-in communes or any examples from oppressive theocracies (which are far from free imo)

    Or is it a new and untested idea to have no laws in a functioning (ideally modern society)?. Would it work? How would we maintain it? Perhaps by having a law making laws illegal ? ;-)

    It is way past my bed time. I do hope that asking you a question has not been a waste of my time.

    Have you got anything on Sam Mezec other than one positive comment by Sir Philip Bellyache, probably when he was trying to ingratiate himself on the young Sam.
    Benefit of the rather considerable doubt is rather lacking imo.

    The Pitmans will will leave a void but will be back I'm sure. Sam can strive to be as effective as two Pitmans.

  9. Fuck me you really are as lonely and fucked up as they are making out.
    Mezec has intelligence and had your tiny brain exposed long ago.

  10. Anonymous has left a new comment on your post ""Comrade Mezec Slipping In By The Back Door - But ...":

    Go for it Sam, you will attract the younger voter if you are elected. Young voters are what the establishment cronies hate, keep it old keep it old half deaf dears, not young blood.

    They ask to many bloody questions and then they want accurate meaningful answers.

    No young blood it might catch on.

    1. This, and the above is some of the trite shit I get to allow or manufacture every day :) And total shit it is!!!

  11. Anonymous has left a new comment on your post ""Comrade Mezec Slipping In By The Back Door - But ...":

    Don't kid yourself. You'll be kissing mezec's arse if he gets in. Every dog needs a master.

  12. Ian, hi

    Sorry for not getting back to you sooner - a load of tasks to catch up on after two months on k-wing.

    Thanks for the money - it was much appreciated; when you're inside, a few quid to buy note books, shampoo, tea bags, biscuits etc, makes all the difference.

    It so happens Angela said hello to me at the Co-op the other day; I'd be happy to meet you both.

    You won't like this - but, hey, when did anyone associate with me and expect 'diplomacy'? I think your blog attack on Sam Mezec is ill-judged. In some ways, I'd be what you call a "statist" - in that I believe we need governments; I just happen to believe that the governments we need, must also be accountable, and be held to account. You may not agree with all the stuff I tried to do - just as you probably wouldn't agree with some of the stuff Sam would try & do - but - think about it - what's the least bad option? Someone like Sam Mezec getting in - or an oligarchy candidate?

    For what it's worth - my experience - and my advice - is to take down that posting. I can guarantee you one thing - the people in power in Jersey who you most despise - will be loving - just loving - to see anti-establishment people attacking a good anti-establishment candidate.

    If he get's in - and then fails - he joins the other side - then save your ire for that scenario. Meanwhile, we need to give people like Sam a chance.

    Anyway, hope you're feeling ok, & thanks for the help.


  13. There we go, even Stuart is bailing out in favour of Statist scum like Mezec. Mike from the Tom Gruchy blog failed to post my comments that were true and warranted and polite the other night on his interview with two cunt lawyers!!! We got VFC posting everything that shit head scum Haworth posts....Who is left to trust?

  14. As adverse and diverse as I am on the blogging shit, I trust only three men in this field. One, Cyril Le Squirrel who is so talented in law and legality, and is my best mate, Two, Rico Sorda who always takes a timely abstention when hostilities arise, bless his wisdom as sometimes silence is the best answer. Three, myself, whom I will not cheat, even unto my death!!!

  15. I am quite sure now that I have had enough of Jersey Blogging. I think I will just follow my own heart from this moment on. If I have let any of you down, I am sorry, I am sorry that you people have failed to find the courage in what I believe in....As Frank "The Bat" Walker's newest wife once said, "We are sickeningly in love"....Goodnight and farewell....

  16. OMG we'll all be bound mi harties in statute chains and yoked to the oligarch. The trainee privateer will drown us in bullshit. Ian your to blame all your kindness has persuaded him to step forward and raise the jolly roger. ; )

  17. Ian, let me say I enjoyed reading this posting and the comments that compliment it. I will also say that I believe you are 100% correct in your prediction. Regardless of the fact that Stuart is a good man and he makes a good point. Regardless of the fact that that Sam has so OBVIOUSLY posted anonymously, and regardless of the fact that I like Sam and if I was inclined to vote, Would vote for him.
    However, this is so clearly contrived by, and lusted after by the government and the establishment cronies, that Sam won't have a chance !
    The poor boy will be twisted, corrupted, compromised and buggered so hard that he won't ever remember the good intentions that drove him to politics in the first place.
    You could be doing the lad a favour, Ian. I don't think will listen though.

    Why Am I thinking about Annekin Skywalker ?

  18. Hi Ian.

    Happy New Year.

    Just but a Post up about the new Child Abuse Scandal. You and your readers can listen HERE


  19. Sorry mate, I'm sure you're a decent bloke and it's clear you have a good brain but I can't vote for someone who sent the following twitter post:

    Sam Mézec ‏@SamMezec 9 Oct
    @DeputyTadier Of course we can't have parties. That would mean the public would have a choice, and we know they can't be trusted!

    That was me you were referring to.

    Sam Mézec8 January 2014 21:28
    Anonymous, I think you might have missed the joke/ context here.

    I was being ironic with Deputy Tadier because there are States Members that go out of their way to support anything that keeps power away from the public. I was poking fun at those people.

    I think my record clearly shows that I believe in parties and that the public should genuinely choose their government.

    I'm even going to have in my manifesto that the public should elect the Chief Minister!

  20. Ian, dont jack it in. I know these fuckers get you down and you must feel like your words fall on deaf ears. But, I reckon you have something to say and you say it well. You remind me of David Icke 20 years ago, please don't be offended. No oNe would listen except the few who saw the truth, and now he is a legend to millions. Its your choice of course, but some people believe in you.

  21. Slightly annoyed I don't have the money to run my self


  22. Ian, do not pick people up before they fall!!!!!!!