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Friday, 17 January 2014

"Ten Days Of Rain"

"What A Start To The New Year"

Ten days ago I did my back in and was refused treatment by my doctor because I had no money.
Because of my bad back I could not make a social security meeting so they have stopped my benefit money for the next two weeks so I starve again.
Then I had to give up my home because I couldn't afford to eat as the rent is so high.
Then I had to put all my gear in storage which wiped me out.
Then the police, in a deliberate act of harrassment, stole the van I was traveling in and impounded it with no reason given for even stopping me.
Then I badly twisted my ankle which left me needing the same treatment as my back, but with no way to get the prescription I needed.
Because of my ankle problem I lost the job I was supposed to do at the weekend.

And finally,

my father died yesterday.

So in all, it's been a pretty shitty ten days!!!

Sometimes down....But never out ;)

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

"My Pictures Tell A Story Hey?"

"Well Here Are The Pictures Of The Future For The None Elite Who Stand By And Continue To Unconditionally Obey Government"

Monday, 6 January 2014

"Comrade Mezec Slipping In By The Back Door - But Was It Deliberately Left Open For Him?"

Mezec to stand in by-election

The Chairman of Reform Jersey, Sam Mezec has announced he is planning to stand in the St Helier number two district by-election.

Mr Mezec is a 23 year-old Law graduate who grew up in the island.

He aims to 'bring local politics into the 21st century.'

Sam Mezec said: "“Ordinary people in St Helier are feeling the pinch, now more than ever. If elected, my primary focus will be on pressuring the government to introduce measures that will create job security, address the cost of living crisis and end rampant population growth. These three things combined will make life better for people in St Helier.”


"He aims to 'bring local politics into the 21st century."

With all due respect to anyone with a brain, the last place we need politics is in the 21st Century!

Politics is what has trashed humanity for over six thousand years, the worst of it coming in the last hundred years where man has descended into utter chaos and evil. It is quite apparent that Mr Mezec is a Statist, believing unconditionally in statutory law (which actually isn't law) and the utter rule of government with an iron fist for the slightest of transgression that are not in accordance with their LAW!!!

For the not so wise among us, that means fines, permits, licenses, etc etc etc. Government cannot license something that is not unlawful, so if it is not unlawful, why do we need licenses, certificates and permits to do those things?

"WE DON'T!!!"

You only need look at my last three very recent postings about the treatment of Dean Clifford to understand statutory law and it's totalitarian consequences.

I also find matters very suspicious when I cast my mind back to one of my postings wherein Bailhache praised The Mezecian One telling Jersey that young Sam had a great future in front of him, or words to that effect. Why?

It is self evident from history that the powers that be will set up someone in opposition, boost their credulity with the public by decreeing them a tough young fighter of liberty and freedom, whilst always controlling them via strings at the back of the stage!!!

Below, Robert Arthur Menard, one of the leading lights and most knowledgeable men of the 'Free Man On The Land' community explains the difference between 'Statutes' and 'Law'....'Free-men' and 'Slaves'.

I can hear you all now, come on Ian, Sam Mezec is a bright young lad with fresh new ideas for the people to prosper by.


Ask yourselves this, who ever prospered from the policies of government except members and friends of government?

Your only 'half' guarantee of freedom is to not contract with government in the first instance, by not doing so you are bound by nothing in statutory law except for your birth certificate and your expressed or tacit consent. As I have explained before, government is a corporation, statutes only apply to members of the Bar Association, Law Society and government employees. Voting is a franchise owned by The States Of Jersey Inc....Vote and you consent to be governed by these parasitic thugs, no matter which one of these inadequate buffoons actually wins or not, you are bound by the simple fact that you registered to vote.

If Mr Mezec wins, and proves me wrong by his actions when in government, as always I shall offer my humble apologies and my hand, but don't expect an apology any time soon from me!

"Time yields everything."

Please note that the Dean Clifford video below was added to the posting 'AFTER' someone in the comment section asked for "Proof of claim" of my claim. Read the comment section before watching the video please :)

"Corporate Psychopaths Destroying The Natural World Over Paper Money!!!"

"It's Time The World Abandoned Money"

"It Really Doesn't Get Much Sicker Than This"

New Jersey founder to be honoured with statue?

St Peter Constable John Refault at the site where he would like the statue erected

A JERSEYMAN’S 17th century role in sheltering the future King Charles II should be recognised by a statue in his home parish of St Peter, the Constable has proposed.
Staunch Royalist Sir George Carteret was rewarded by the King with the gift of land in the New World which he named New Jersey, now the US state celebrating its 350th anniversary this year.
St Peter Constable John Refault wants to mark the association with a statue of Sir George, who became a Vice-Admiral and helped to shelter the fugitive Prince and future King in Jersey during the English Civil War.
The Jerseyman also arranged for the Island to proclaim Charles II the successor to the throne following his father Charles I’s execution in 1649, making Jersey the first place to recognise him as King.
Now, Mr Refault wants to see a statue of Sir George, who grew up in St Peter and lived with his family on Mont des Vignes, built on land outside St Peter’s Country Inn to remind people of his role in history.

Sunday, 5 January 2014

"The Church Falling Apart At The Seams"

Town Church switches on to reach the ‘screen generation'

A new multi-media service is to be introduced at the Town Church

A NEW multi-media service is to be introduced at the Town Church to encourage younger people to (be indoctrinated) attend worship.
By contrast to traditional services where the congregation are given hymn and prayer books to use, those attending the new 9.30 am Sunday service will follow the proceedings on a big screen at the front of the church.
The traditional 10 am service will continue as normal but starting at 11 am instead. The 8 am and 6 pm services will also take place as they have done in the past.
The Dean of Jersey, the Very Rev Bob Key, said that the new service – which was the idea of the church’s new vicar, the Rev Chris Jervis – would help to bring the ‘screen generation’ who use computers, smart phones and tablets into church.

"Dean Clifford - The Crown & Blackmail"

"Jurisdiction Is Hilarious!"

Saturday, 4 January 2014

"Dean Clifford Explains The Fraud Surrounding His Unlawful Imprisonment"

"Utter Government Corruption"

"More Flannel From The Cancer Clowns In Jersey"

New Surgeon for Jersey

Mark McQuillan reports.

Cancer patients in Jersey say their lives have been made more bearable thanks to the appointment of a new surgeon.
Well, they would say that wouldn't they, what else do they have to say? They are being lied to!

Mr Miklos Kassai uses the most up-to-date keyhole surgery, and his skills mean many islanders will no longer have to travel to the UK for treatment.
"His skills mean many islanders will no longer have to travel to the UK for treatment." Do his skills mean that many islanders will be cured of cancer?

Patients have welcomed the news because they will no longer be separated from friends and family. Aaah, joy, they will no longer be separated from their loved ones whilst they are being lied to and murdered, how fucking quaint!!!

"Cancer - The Myths & The Magic"

Swine flu Sue Turnbull
Not one single rebuttal on anything I have ever posted?
Why the fuck not?
Does this bitch know full well that cancer is totally curable?

Getting the right advice and treatment just never seems to come into the equation in Jersey, or anywhere else for that matter. Surgery, is the greatest scam on the planet, except for taxation & religeon.

And why would any sane human being accept being treated for cancer with chemical poisons & radiation that almost inevitably will give you cancer? The answer is very simple, there are very few people out there telling the truth about cancer as most people don't know the truth about cancer, including most doctors. The rest of them, those that do know the truth about cancer, are just fucking lying to you! It's all about the money you mugs.

Remember this, chemotherapy and radiation treatment annihilates your immune system, your immune system is the only thing that is going to save you from cancer. Check out interleukin and interferon on the web. Why on God's Earth would you agree to annihilating your immune system??? No doubt they get you to "Sign" for your treatment, right? Alleviating themselves from all liability in the process :)
Your first few goals when dealing with cancer should be to immediately change your diet to raw fruit and vegetables (preferably alkaline & certainly organic) which should be mushed in a blender (not exceeding 10 seconds) then drunk, or better still, pressed with a high quality juicer. Stop your intake of almost all sugars except those contained in the fresh fruit, but limit those as sugar feeds cancer summat rotten. Get as much oxygen into your system as possible (exercise - slow deep breathing through your nose), and get your body slightly alkaline to a PH level of around 7.35 an environment in which cancer cannot survive.
It is also essential to drink only pure water as tap water is usually full of chlorine and fluoride, amongst a whole host of other agricultural chemicals that seep through the ground into the water table. Invest in a high quality water distiller which will cost around £120 to £150.
Very important also is to read up about enzymes in fruit and veg, and the magic they perform inside of you.
Ionic Colloidal Silver is paramount also.
Did the States of Jersey Hospital ever tell any of you about what I have posted above?
See the link below for everything you ever needed to know about curing cancer :)

As a grand finale, my mate from the north on how easy it is to cure cancer :)

Just 3 days!!!

Back up vids are available by checking the labels at the bottom of this posting....

Friday, 3 January 2014

"The Pitman's - Jobless & Homeless Through Jersey Corruption"

Trevor and Shona Pitman declared bankrupt

"hasta la victoria siempre"

"until victor, always"

Jersey Deputies Trevor and Shona Pitman have been declared bankrupt.

It means they will no longer be allowed to sit in the States.

It also means there will be two by-elections in St Helier probably by the end of February or early March.

This afternoon the owners of Broadlands estates agents asked the Royal Court to declare the couple bankrupt so their debts can be settled.

The couple claim they have been left virtually penniless after running up huge lawyers fees following a long running court case and series of appeals.

The couple took the Jersey Evening Post and Broadlands estate agents to court over a cartoon which appeared in the paper in December 2008 which they allege defamed them. 

The court disagreed, and the Pitmans failed to get the verdict overturned on appeal.

"Always A Silver Lining Somewhere"

Two good things have come out of this little saga.

One, the States of Jersey have yet again shown the world just how corrupt they are.

Two, the Pitman's no longer have to abide by the rules of the Law Society & Bar Association.

Point two actually opens up a whole new world to them :)

And let's not forget Jon Sharrock Haworth who has been taunting Trevor and Shona all the way through this, especially by using the fact that Trevor's mother is dying of cancer as a tool and weapon against the Pitman's.

"No Man Escapes Retribution"

"Is Gameshow Mike Massaging The Figures?"

Fall in reported crime for third year running

Mike Bowron, chief officer of the States of Jersey Police
LEVELS of reported crime fell by 18 per cent last year – the third consecutive annual drop, according to police.
Statistics released today show that 2013 saw the biggest drop in the number of crimes reported in three years and equates to about 670 fewer recorded victims of crime.
Overall, in the past three years the number of reported crimes has fallen by 30% – the equivalent of more than 1,000 fewer victims during that period.
In 2013, there were 3,162 incidents recorded by police compared with 4,564 in 2010.
Mike Bowron, chief officer of the States of Jersey Police, said that he was ‘immensely proud’ of his team for their work to help prevent crime.
I must confess, these figures hardly surprise me as for the last three years Mr Bowron and his team have deliberately been refusing to take complaints of crimes committed by government employees!
These many complaints against government employees include planning corruption, perjury, grave and criminal assault, doctoring of trial recordings, false statements, judges committing treason, fraud, theft, illegal police raids, wrongful arrest, unlawful imprisonment, kidnapping, fabrication of evidence, and a whole host of other goodies that the Jersey authorities have been carrying out unchecked and unpunished for generations....

"Vaccines & Slow Kill"

"Dr Sherri Tenpenny"

Alex talks with Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, one of the country's most knowledgeable and outspoken physicians regarding the impact of vaccines on health, about a mysterious illness in Texas and its possible link to vaccines.

They want to quell the spark of the human spirit. what is the world going to look like for kids today by the time they reach 20 yrs old. when are people going to stop blindly following the advice of someone just because they are wearing a white coat. Ecoscience clearly says they want to use population control by way of fluoridation of the water, vaccines, etc.

Vaccines could be good but they are being used by evil people and forced on the rest of us. 
Health care workers are now being forced to get the flu shot in order to get payed. The hepatitis shot is also mandatory. Pneumonia shots have also been discussed as another forced shot on health care workers. Health care workers includes hospital IT dept. who are required to get the shots.

Thursday, 2 January 2014

"Update With FMOTL Dean Clifford"

"Update From Brandon Correctional Centre"

Dean Clifford was arrested 24/11/2013 by police after holding a seminar to enlighten people about the common law and their common law rights. Government are so desperate to keep him quiet they are breaking the law at every turn to try and suppress him, but without success.

Below is the recorded update that was taken from a prison phone call.

Since the last hearing the transcripts from all hearings to date have been obtained and reviewed.
Within them, from the very first page, it is obvious the judicial system of the provincial courts, judiciary, and the judges are an absolute joke in which there is total disregard to law and justice.
Fabricated warrants were never endorsed It has been found and stated on the record.
The prosecution has also been caught out referring to prior ‘offences’ as convictions in which they were in fact and on the record to be struck off and thrown out.
The charges at fictitious and stator in nature which there is no real victims and no harm or damage has been incurred. The stem with some old vintage guns that are family air loops which have historic and nostalgic value.

The accuser has moved from the JP to Judges in which one claimed that “Well, I’m your accuser at this point…[AND] …I’m your jailor at this point”
Hamilton Police have put on the record in an affidavit that no warrant was provided and was a warrantless arrest.

Some of the statements Dean stipulated in court and in the transcripts are as follows as follows:
“I don’t consent to be associated to a legal person for these proceedings; I will not appear as a legal person; I don’t consent to appearance in a statutory jurisdiction either”
“Well, this is, this is a kangaroo court and it’s not a court of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the II…you don’t have any duties that I even really care about in the first place”
“I don’t consent to represent the legal fiction these people have brought into court”
“Never in my life have I [have] consented to be recognized as a legal fiction under their terms and conditions and I certainly do not, do not consent and refuse to appear in the jurisdiction that they’ve created which is full of unicorns and rainbows”
“NO, I will not be playing this game at all”
“As one of the sovereign people of this land I convene a lawful court of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the II; I have all sorts of claims against this man and I think that we should proceed in a game of my choosing; We can settle up these false claims in a real hurry”

The assertions from Dean is the only statements in this hearings worth reading, everything else that the judge and the prosecution has to say is nonsensical and is obvious they have no case what so ever.
It is also obvious what they are doing is stalling, dragging things out and changing hands and tossing the case around like a hot potato as all involved do not want to be left holding all the liability that is building up by every hour Dean is locked up.
There is been reports from Dean stated in the transcripts that he has been tortured and his mentioned once again in this update there is in fact that violence being inflected on him.
They are denying him a show cause hearing, writ of habeas corpus, demand to show cause, demand for empirical evidence. All were severed by three different parties on the courts. According to their own laws, these documents should have been heard within 24 hours but have been ignored and the judge is claiming ignorance and denial of such filings exist.

They have tried to peg the legal fiction to Dean via fingerprints but have failed.
They are also trying to associate another individual with Dean’s case which has a legal aid lawyer just to obscure and confuse the case even further. But they have failed there as well.
There are financing issues for the courts and the prosecutor as they are not getting paid. This has been denoted as a issue for over a month now and still isn’t resolved for them.
On the transcripts often Dean’s statements were recorded as “(inaudible)” and more frequent occurrences of “ – - “ throughout where important information is being censored. He only got his final couple of statements recorded towards the end of the transcript on the 19th December.
Increasingly there are unidentified people making statements in the court as well.
The next hearing is January 28th 2014, Tuesday this is most likely another closed hearing as they don’t want any witnesses of the grievous violations of Dean’s rights and prefer to keep things being closed doors. If anyone is free that day, maybe it would be good to let them know we are watching them and know what they are up to.

Once again, the courts are located at the Law Courts Building which is located at 408 York Avenue in Winnipeg. The court room will be 405. No time was stated yet but will know more closer to the date.
The legal aid lawyer for the other individual is still unsure if they have full authority to represent them.
The officer with badge number 1796 with the RCMP could possibly be looking at some charges laid upon him, where it has been stated he has inflicted violence resulting in assault and even attempted murder. Now that Dean has spoken of this incident, it is on the public record.

If you want to voice your concerns, you can write to:
The Honorable Peter Gordon MacKay
Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada
284 Wellington Street
Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0H8
If you want to write to Dean:
Brandon Correctional Centre
375 Veterans Way,
Canada R7C 0B1
Phone 204-725-3532

Fax: 204-727-3961

"Fukushima - The Panic Begins"

"Time For Iodine!"

Please see Paul Joseph Watson's post from yesterday on Infowars at the link below.

"Jersey Needs Some Of This Guy....But Which One?"


This guy?

Or this guy?

"NWO And The Beginning Of The End Of Cash"

Plastic banknotes? Not for us, says Treasury

THERE are no plans for Jersey to follow the UK and introduce plastic bank notes, Treasury Minister Philip Ozouf has confirmed.
The Bank of England has announced plans to switch to new polymer notes, possibly as soon as 2016.
However, Senator Ozouf said that there are no immediate plans to convert to plastic bank notes in Jersey.
There we go, the start of the end of cash in society, I wonder just what kind of RFID chip will be put into these little gems?
Just think, money that can be tracked and traced anywhere!
No one will ever be able to refuse to pay a fine, or tax, or any other financial penalty heaped upon us ever again. Every penny everywhere will be taxed and regulated all over the planet, and most idiots will think this just fine.
Good luck people, you sure as hell are going to need it :)

"Didn't The Nazi's Do This?"

Register your presents

With so many of you getting game consoles or bikes for Christmas.

Jersey Police want to remind you all to security mark your new gadgets.

You can either mark them or register them online.

Several websites now have secure servers where you can enter all the serial numbers and even photos.

Jersey Police have suggested which is the UK national property register.

By registering your new presents it means they can easily be traced if they fall into the wrong hands.

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

"2014 Begins In The Same Oppressive Manner That 2013 Ended Here In Corrupt Stinking Jersey"

"Dancing With Dipsticks"

Here we go again, same shit, different day.

Some half-witted government drone soiled my mates windscreen with an item he/she had absolutely no right whatsoever to attach to the automobile I was travelling in as I was not engaging in commerce on the highway. I had simply stopped for a few minutes to drop an item off to a friend. This twerp, deemed my right to park on public property (my property) as a violation of some government statutory law....

please click on the pics below to read them.

I rightly took offence at being charged to park on my own property!

Yup, the roads are mine....AND YOURS!!!

We payed for them, we own them.



Mr D Scaife
Chef De Police
Town Hall, P.O.S.H

Dear Mr Scaife
I hereby notify you that I write with regard to parking infraction number SF02400798 and the letter you sent to the registered keeper of the automobile J***** on the 13/11/2013 a Mr ****** ******, and which documents are enclosed. I can confirm that Mr ****** was not, and did not travel in the above mentioned automobile on that day (28th October 2013). It was, in fact, I that was travelling in the said automobile on the date when the parking ticket was issued as I was delivering a water distiller to a gentleman living in block 4 of the Spectrum building.

In light of this evidence, I would be grateful if you would remove Mr ******’s name from the Parish Hall inquiry list for this evening as he was not party to the above mentioned infraction. I do apologise for the lateness of this notice as my computer has only just been repaired.

I thank you for your attention to this matter Sir.
Yours sincerely


St Helier's Chef de Police, Daniel Scaife.

Scaife, a known protector of child abusers and servant of the States of Jersey Inc, completely ignored my common law right to park on my own property whilst not causing injury, harm, or loss, to my fellow man.

He then proceeded, via Crowcroft, to issue the legal fiction with a summons to court for the above (alleged) transgression.

He then tried to hold the man, Ian-Leslie:Evans responsible for the legal fiction that government parasites created.

Remember, no one is obliged to contract with anyone.