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Monday, 9 December 2013

"We Should Remember 'Why' The First World War Happened!"

Artist calls for worldwide illumination

A local artist wants to mark the 100th anniversary of the First World War by lighting up buildings across the world. 

Mike Etienne is now looking for supporters to his ‘Red Earth Day’ idea. He wants people to light a red light and show it from their windows from 8pm to midnight on the 4 August 2014.

He wants to bring more than 100 countries together with the plan. He also wants to see State buildings and Monuments lit up. 

To spread the word, Mr Ettienne has set up a Facebook page and is asking people to Like and share the idea. 

He said, “With everyone involved this would be a truly massive sign that we recognise and remember the sacrifices of the past with the hopes that this scale of waste will never happen again. With your involvement this becomes a World wide ART tribute created by people.”

Mike Etienne has made his name on the Island for his illumination ideas. He has already called for the La Collette chimney and incinerator to be lit up.

"World War"

I have no problem remembering the brave souls who were duped into killing each other at the whim of the filthy globalist scum for profit. What I object to is that people don't learn from the experience or even learn the truth about both world wars. That they were fought for profit and control.

Then to bring in the New World Order's League of Nations which Russia refused to sign up to, and who's ruling family were killed off for their non-compliance. Same story with World War II which both sides were funded by the same elitist scum-bags who changed their NWO 'League of Nations' to the 'United Nations' in order to upgrade their efforts for world domination.

America then bringing the best of the German scientists over to America in 'Operation Paperclip' to use their knowledge to continue their push for control of the world. What have the people learned from both world wars? NOTHING....

It's as simple as A, B, C,
arms, banking, control.

Another aspect of the NWO is to dumb the population down to the status of mindless servile idiots, fluoride in the water, a technique borrowed from the German's. Other techniques included getting rid of teaching the trivium and quadrivium in schools, and instead, focusing on worthless subjects that are of no use to humanity.

Even music and art have become a wasteland of garbage and nonsense, the idea of Mark Etienne in the article above being a prime example!

How in God's name is turning red lights on for 4 hours "ART"???

Please see the video below and wake up people!


  1. This guy is an attention seeker, I am already paying my fucking electric bill in instalments without switching on lights I do not fucking need, anyway, a red light outside a house means one thing only, a fucking knocking shop!
    We already have a rememberance day in November, this guy is nuts!!!!!

  2. Strange I haven't seen a red light outside the Radisson ;)