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Monday, 16 December 2013

"Way Too Little And Way Too Late From Health & Social Services"

"Max Blandin R.I.P"

How is it that the Jersey Health Department are not dealing with mental health issues?

What will it take to get some safeguards put in place?

I despair....


  1. another youg life stolen,and headcase pryke is worried about ciggy machines !!!!!!
    headcase pryke is the biggest nutter ever employed as the health minister

    1. "headcase pryke is the biggest nutter ever employed as the health minister"

      The track record of Jimmy Perchard and Ben Shenton isn't exactly EXEMPLARY either.

      RIP Max Blandin.

  2. Sadly Ian, there are still too many people who attach a stigma to the phrase 'mental health/issues'. From personal experience, i can only say that i was seeing a professional on the island at great expense. That specialist took a new position and our sessions came to an end. I was then referred to the States Mental Health dept who really were nothing short of useless. I went from having an intense hour session, one on one with my therapist to a 20 min session with someone i didn't consider up to the job. They would ask how i was, how my mood had been then bugger off for 15 mins and give me some material to read. Those sessions lasted not more than 20 mins and i was lucky if i spoke to the guy for more than 5 mins. All the work i had done with my previous therapist, should have continued, or at the very least been on the same level. I left feeling worse than i went in and eventually decided to take the (risky) decision to pack it in as i felt there was no point starting from scratch after years of hard work with the original therapist, and go to someone who basically didn't give a sh*t. I was extremely luck to have some costs covered by medical insurance, but not everyone is in the same boat. Why should a paying patient get a better service than a non paying. Mental health is a very serious issue and isn't taken seriously enough in Jersey. I can safely say, my therapist really did save my life because if i had gone down the Health and Social Service route, i may very well have ended up being another number on that sad list. Thanks to the help i received, my life is as good as it has ever been, and i don't feel ashamed that people know i have a mental illness, but some people do feel ashamed to know someone with a mental illness.

    Also, would just like to say, been a long time reader of your blog, and only posted once before, but please keep up the good work

  3. I am an ex employee of the states mental health service. I can tell you that this service and those involved in it, are completely redundant, and useless. Social workers,and carers do not give a flying fu*k about the service users ! Are you schizophrenic, bi-polar, depressed, demented, paranoid, suicidal ,or extremely vulnerable ?

    Well fu*k you, cos they don't care !

    I will tell you exactly what they care about -

    1. What their pay grade is, boasting about it, & looking down on those below them.
    2. Protecting their pay grade.
    3 .Protecting their positions from others who may be better at the job.

    Of course, I could go on, but there is no point to produce an exhaustive list, because thats about it, really.

    Shower of cu*ts the lot of them. And please don't anyone tell me not to swear, as it is entirely appropriate.