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Wednesday, 11 December 2013

"This Is How Iceland Was Eventually Freed"

"Italian Cops Back Their People - How About Britain?"

In italy during a demonstration against government measures and impotent politics, riot police undestand the gravity of actual italian situation and decide to follow another people.

The video has shaked the Italian public opinion. But italian media decide to not broadcast the video. They agreed to talk about this after a viral rebound on the web. 

Although the government and police department have tried to disguise the gesture as a "return of police to base considered the group of protesters not violent and the presence of riot squad useless"

At first the "police workers union" has claimed the gesture as "solidarity with the protest." Yesterday, in many official police workers site was possible read this. I've tested.

This morning all the spokesmen of the police workers unions are aligned with the government's version. But Nicola Tanzi (spokesmen of SAP, a union of police workers) confirmed that:

On the same day in Italy violent protests happened in Turin but the ending was very violent.

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