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Sunday, 8 December 2013

"There Will Be No Cover Up In Jersey!!!"

Former Chief Minister nominated for housing role

Jersey's former Chief Minister Frank Walker is one of three people nominated to became directors of a company being formed to run the island's stock of social housing.
The proposed board also includes a States tenant.

Housing Minister Andrew Green has lodged proposals for the new housing company's shadow board which asks States members to approve the terms of reference and appoint the directors. The company will be wholly owned by the States and the members of the shadow board will become the first Board of 


The candidate search for the chairman and three non-executive directors was carried out with the help of a local recruitment consultancy in September. 

At the same time, Deputy Green wrote to all 4,500 Housing Department tenants inviting them to apply for one of the two roles of tenant representative director.

After a selection process the full list of nominations is: Michael Jones (non-executive chairman), Heather Bestwick (non-executive director), Jane Martin (non-executive director), Colin Russell (tenant representative director) and Frank Walker (non-executive director). In addition the board will be joined by the Chief Executive Officer of the Housing Department, Ian Gallichan, who will ne the key link to both the Housing Minister and Department.

Deputy Green says the new Board of Directors will provide a strong balance of skills, expertise and experience. ! am particularly pleased that all the Board members possess a strong social conscience, which is vital for the largest social housing provider in the Island."

Proposed chairman Michael Jones has worked with Professor Christine Whitehead whose review of Jersey's social housing launched the Housing Transformation Programme.

Mr Jones believes the new company offers a key opportunity to improve the homes of existing tenants and to contribute to meeting future housing need.

The full report and proposition is available on . 


  1. wtf frank walker nominated for housing dandara must be building all of it then what a fuking scam this is

    1. Anon, we don't know who is doing what, so to speculate without any proof is pointless.

  2. Why was the information request turned down regarding the names of the people who nominated Frank Walker for an OBE.

    Why is he being paid to shadow the extremely well paid Executive managers at Harbours and Airport. Why is he now getting his finger in the pie at housing, is it so he can start to persuade some of the £250 million building fund to be channeled towards his favourite developers. Why do the names Harcourt and Dandara come to mind ?

    Jersey a cesspit of corruption I thought Andrew Green would have known better.

  3. 'Strong Social Conscience'!!!!!!!????? C'mon Andrew Green - you can't seriously have included Frank Walker in this comment.

  4. Andrew Green is insulting the general public's intelligence or a serpent who needs tranquilizing and putting in the padded cell...Frank Walker social conscience...the words do not belong in the same sentence as you can see....and as for the gullible idiot Colin Russell who will be sacrificed further down the line...Jeez a bunch of crooks and wankers.

  5. Anon who's comments ain't been published, we don't need to know where people live or even speculate on whether or not they have paid taxes, paying tax is voluntary anyhoo....If you want to comment please do so with facts and not speculation and rants. And by the way, you spell just like Haworth!