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Friday, 27 December 2013

"The World Would Be So Much Better Without Lawyers & Pro Corporate Pigs"

Discrimination Law 'could cripple firms'
Lindsay Edwards-Thatcher - Enemy of the people

ANTI-discrimination laws that will come into effect next year could cripple small businesses, claims an employment law specialist.
In a landmark move earlier this year, the States adopted proposals to introduce Jersey’s first anti-discrimination employment legislation which will outlaw acts of racial discrimination in the workplace.
Other sections of the law which will ban discrimination against age, sex and disability have yet to be included in the law.
Lindsay Edwards-Thatcher, a legal consultant at TM Legal Services, which specialises in Jersey employment law, believes that rather than focusing on issues such as zero-hour contracts, the Social Security department should be examining the proposed implementation of the anti-discrimination laws.
She believes that businesses will either struggle with the costs or face legal action due to the high manpower costs involved in implementing the new laws.

"Sponsoring Corporate Crooks"
Below is a little more on the attitude of Lindsay Edwards-Thatcher, and it's not nice!
As we can see from the content of the links, this woman is pro Oligarchy, pro Corporation, and most definitely not for the common man or woman.

No doubt, to her, 'WE' are the "SLAVES" with the status of "ANIMAL" and "MONSTER".
I will be touching upon these titles over the weekend in conjunction with a guest posting from Cyril 'Le' Squirrel. Hopefully by Monday evening you men and women, boys and girls, will know just where you stand in the hierarchy of law and dominion according to GOD!!!

If any of you wish to jump the gun and educate yourselves before our weekend postings,
please watch one of the very best videos of all time on this subject.

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