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Tuesday, 10 December 2013

"The Whole Jersey Government Should Be Charged With Abuse Of Trust"

Ex-Constable is charged

Former St John Constable Graeme Butcher
arriving at the Magistrate's Court this morning

The former Constable of St John, Graeme Butcher, has been accused of misconduct and abuse of trust when he was head of the parish.

Mr Butcher, 66, of Villes des Chenes, St John, faced 15 charges in the Magistrate’s Court today. 

He is accused of spending more than £2,500 of parish money on himself, including using the parish credit card to pay for petrol, electrical items and materials to decorate his home. 

He is also charged with making expenses claims when he was not allowed to do so and asking the parish secretary to bury his personal spending within the St John accounts.

All the alleged offences took place between 2007 and 2011.

Relief Magistrate David Le Cornu said the case was too serious for the Magistrate’s Court and Mr Butcher was told to return on 23 January when the case will be formally sent to the Royal Court.

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  1. And to think guys like this have been making decisions in the states that involve us all. OMG. little wonder the island is in the sh-t we find ourselves today.