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Wednesday, 25 December 2013

"The 'Sun' Of God Is Reborn - The Dawn Of A New Day"

"Think Again!!!"

The 21st December 2012....Doomsday?

Err, no actually....We moved into the Age of Aquarius with the 26,000 year cycle where the Earth, the Sun, and the centre of the Galaxy aligned in a phenomenon know to some as The Dark Rift.

Or is that the Milky-Way?
We, as a people, turned a corner and are now progressing upward to an age and growth in spirituality and the consciousness of mankind.

What we have never woken up to is the fact that the New World Order have known this for an eternity. They have stepped up their campaign immensely in the last 50 years to dumb us down, poison our food, water, and air, and hook us on the most mind fuck drugs which break us down to nothing but shells.

Couple all this with the tax burdens, home seizures, financial restrictions and price hikes imposed on most of us and we see that we are left virtually defenseless against the system, some unable to even feed themselves in our food stamp world.

Today we celebrate the re-birth of our glorious Lord (lard) and Saviour, the 'Sun' of God.

But just who, or what, is The 'Sun' of God?

The 'Sun' of God is no less than the sun itself, that heavenly orb which brings 'the light'. The winter solstice beginning on the 21st of December at which time the sun, or rather, the 'Sun' of God, ends it's cycle, lies dormant for 3 days, then begins the next cycle upward again toward the northern hemisphere one degree per day.

NOW, for all you Christian 'believers' out there, what else is alleged to have died, lay dormant for three days and then come back to life???

The sheeple, the hypocrites, and the just plain ignorant will be packing the churches (kirk's) tomorrow in praise of our Saviour, whom they think that if they carry on praying to him/it, things will get better and we will all be saved!

Jesus Christ! Sorry, that should be Julius Caesar, (J.C?) even the makers of Southpark knew this was all bullshit and that no one would be going to the heavens via this belief system.

No disrespect guys but the episode below shows the brainwashing hypocrisy of the church (Kirk) telling the world how good and wholesome Jesus is. Do we need a myth, a metaphor, to be kind to each other? The crap below is exactly the guff the New World Order wants us to believe in, but analyse properly what is said, and when, and for what reason, and you will see the scam that is the Kirk (church).

"In games, children teach...sometimes more than books."

Yet these pigs are raping and killing children all over the world on an hourly basis!

Funny, isn't it, (and as Jordan Maxwell always exclaims) the more the Christians pray to Jesus for help, the worse things get??? Perhaps, just perhaps, it ain't doing any good peeps.

We are a year on since the allegedly fateful date of 21st December 2012 and the people have only just begun to stir from their slumber. Nostradamus (500 years ago), and even Father Malachy (1,000 years ago) almost got it right! "AND WE" are just getting our sh*t together now?

Every religious prayer ends in "AMEN".

So who, or what, is "AMEN"?

"AMEN" is Amen-Ra, the Egyptian 'Sun' God, couple this dude with the other dynamic duo hanging around in the cosmos, Isis and Saturn-El, and what have we got?


Why are Christians worshiping an Egyptian GOD???

For those of you who took one look at my last 3 postings, cringed at the thought of sitting there educating yourselves for 3 whole hours with the most valuable of information....Well, perhaps you might want to take a closer look now? Then again, perhaps not.

As an aside, do you not think that your own priests and clergy have known about this all along? And for those unfortunate enough to be in Jersey, do you not think that Bailhache and Co know about this also?

For Amen-Ra's sake people....Wake the f*ck up!!!


  1. Merry xmas Ian.

    See you at Lunchtime mass, lol!


    1. Thanks anon for this very insightful vid, although rather old, it detracts nothing from the hurt and pain of the victims. The only area I would question in this vid is the exposure to the Church of the 'already' victims.

      I could write reams in response to my last comment above, but what's the point? For the most part, we all know where we honourably stand....