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Wednesday, 4 December 2013

"The States Are Clearing Out The Trouble Makers"

Deputies begin insolvency proceedings

Trevor & Shona Pitman

Deputies Trevor and Shona Pitman have begun insolvency proceedings in the Royal Court following their failed attempt to sue the JEP and Broadlands Estates for defamation.

Two Jurats have now been appointed to see if the couple have enough assets to cover their debts, thought to be considerable after the court action. 

The Pitmans will return to the Royal Court on Friday 13 December to discover their fate. If they are declared bankrupt, the two States Members will automatically lose their seats.

Pressure builds on Planning and Environment Minister

Deputy Rob Duhamel is under pressure

AN announcement about Deputy Rob Duhamel’s future as Environment Minister is expected in the next ten days, the Chief Minister said.
Delays are understood to have been encountered in the ongoing discussions between Senator Ian Gorst and the Environment Minister, who last month escaped being the subject of a vote of no confidence debate after it was withdrawn at the eleventh hour at the request of the Chief Minister.
Senator Gorst is believed to have given the Deputy time to consider his response to a request for his resignation.

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