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Thursday, 5 December 2013

"The Plod Part 3 - Give Em Enough Rope"

"Cops To Hang Themselves With
Uniform Cameras"

So....easier prosecutions and saving cash hey? Well, what happens when the police are at their heavy handed lark? Kicking and punching their victims, spraying chemicals in their faces or simply walloping people with their wellness sticks, will they be prosecuted?

My guess is that any cop committing an assault which is caught on camera, said camera will be rushed down to the Magistrates Greffes office for doctoring, we know what a wonderful job they do of their trial tape doctoring, so I am sure they will work miracles on video evidence.

Or perhaps they could simply make the videos disappear, just like they did in the Nathanial Le Corre case where the cops kicked him and stamped on him!

How on earth are they going to get away with dragging peoples faces along the road and ramming them head first under a car in future?

Or perhaps these cameras can simply be turned off when the occasion warrants it? Now that would save a lot of hassle wouldn't it :)

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  1. i bet most off then wont be turned on