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Thursday, 5 December 2013

"The Plod Part 1 - The Rape Game"

"Is this For Real?"

Pardon me, but almost all of us are fully aware that you don't sexually assault or rape women, so who are they intending to speak to? No would be rapist is going to engage in discussion with the police on this issue so that only leaves the normal man on the street to targeted for a session of ear-bending. More lunacy from our clueless cops.

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  1. There is nothing more worthwhile, more necessary or more cathartic than giving Jersey's corrupt authorities a well deserved kicking, whether this be online or in the real world.

    I looked at:

    it is mostly BRILLIANT imo.

    Within what is achievable it is concise, accurate, accessible, persuasive and complete in most respects

    Most rapists aren't bastard monsters. They are just men. Be it drunk, randy, manipulative, misguided, lonely or some combination thereof. Just men.

    As far as I saw (may have missed it) the site FAILS to cover age of consent, mental disability and balance of power issues.

    Perhaps these could be added?
    still 9/10 imo

    The initiative looks a good one.
    What a nice change!

    So sad that the law is applied "as they see fit" on a club-member/power basis/

    "The Banned"