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Thursday, 5 December 2013

"The Pitman's Pounded Again"

Jersey politicians apply for bankruptcy

Two Jersey politicians could lose their seat in the island's parliament after the court confirmed they had applied for bankruptcy.
St Helier deputies Trevor and Shona Pitman have asked the legal system to allow their home to be sold to pay off their debts.
Under Jersey law, no States members are allowed to be considered bankrupt while sitting in the assembly.
The couple were unavailable for comment.
In Jersey law a "remise de biens" allows people struggling with debt to ask the court to step in.
It is a form of bankruptcy that lets a court sell property to pay off debt.
Mrs Pitman has been a member of the States for St Helier number 2 since 2005 and Mr Pitman was first elected to represent St Helier 2 in 2008.
Last week Mr and Mrs Pitman were denied more time to appeal against a libel ruling.
They had already tried unsuccessfully to sue the Jersey Evening Post and an estate agent over a cartoon.
The St Helier politicians were ordered to pay all legal costs relating to the appeal.
Mr Pitman warned before that case that losing would leave them homeless, jobless and penniless.

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