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Friday, 6 December 2013

"The Church & The Chump Still In Power Struggle"

Dean meets with UK Bishops

The Dean wanting to preserve "The Jersey Way" of doing things!!!

Jersey's Dean has met with the Bishops of Dover and Lambeth today(Fri). 

The two Bishops are in Jersey to get a better understanding of the complaint procedures.

The trip was initiated by the Archbishop of Canterbury.

The pair have have also met with Jersey's Chief Minister, Ian Gorst. 

Both are on a pastoral visit organised by the Bishop of Winchester. The Bishops are staying at the Government House.

Their plan is to ease tensions within the church following months of disruption among church-goers.

The visit follows the suspension of Jersey's Dean earlier this year, for failing to properly handle an allegation of abuse.

The Bishops' visit was first outlined in a statement by the Bishop of Winchester on 22 November, in which he also said he would not be taking disciplinary action against any member of the clergy in Jersey. He also said he would not be publishing the Steel report. 

The statement reads, 'Given the current circumstances, and in order to move us forward, I have sought the support of the Archbishop of Canterbury to initiate a pastoral visit to the Channel Islands, so that a fresh perspective can be taken on safeguarding. The visit will be conducted next month jointly by the Rt Rev Nigel Stock, Bishop at Lambeth, and the Rt Rev Trevor Willmott, Bishop of Dover, and has the Archbishop of Canterbury's full support. Bishop Trevor is a former Bishop of Basingstoke and so I feel his previous knowledge of the Channel Islands will be of significant benefit. On the visit, the Bishops will meet with local church leaders and Island authorities from both Deaneries, in order to help understand how the current situation may be progressed. Their visit will enable further conversations to be held which I am sure will benefit the Islands and the wider diocese. They will report back to me by the end of the year.'

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  1. And do they know that Bishop Willmott is conflicted?