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Saturday, 28 December 2013

"Tales Of Plunder - Pirates & Privateers"


they’re judges you know, with well-trained legal brains.

The following paperwork appeared through my letter box in August 2013:

The Alleged Summons

Take a close look at this alleged ‘charge sheet’, who is Mr Cyril Vibert? It certainly is not me, I was not Christened Mr by my parents, neither did they call me Mr, Mr is a fictional construct, a title, a legal person, It is not a human being.

There is a box for a signature why is it not signed by the constable or one of his centeniers? Why is no one prepared to take responsibility for this document? 

Indeed the only thing in this box is the company seal of the Parish of St Helier, are these agents saying that I have a contract with this body corporate? I would very much like to see this alleged contract. Oh that’s right, there isn't one.

Why didn't the agent of the court, Mr Mourant, sign instead of write his title and surname?  We’ll look at the answers to these questions later.

This so called ‘charge sheet’ has about as much lawful significance as a piece of bog roll, albeit not as useful.

Now the Viscount’s letter

Again this is addressed to a legal fiction, now I know we have been schooled into believing that we are Mr, Mrs, Ms, Miss, Esq, Sir, etc etc. But we are none of these things, we are real living beings with a soul and a conscience and as long as we remember this and exercise our inalienable rights as such, then the corporate judiciary and government must also remember this (they won’t because they are a criminal outfit).

Notice how the Viscount wants cash, I have sat through many hours of Magistrate’s Court plunder sessions and can confirm that the Viscount will only accept cash in court, they will even allow you to go to an ATM to get the cash, this amounts to thousands of pounds every session, yet you will not find these figures in the States of Jersey accounts nor where this considerable sum of money is spent, why not? Are there commissioners and the likes to pay?

The above documents came a little while after the usual pro forma invitation to a parish hall inquiry and then a facsimile template summons to appear in the Magistrates Court on the 12th August 2013 issued by the Connetable (Constable) of St. Helier.

Firstly I’ll state for the record that I have not been charged with any of the alleged offences contained in the above ‘charge sheet’. So the question is this, is anyone obliged to attend the Magistrate’s Court (other than as a witness) if they have not been charged with an offence?

Answer: Of course not.

Next the pro forma quasi summons was from the Constable of St. Helier, sorry but I forgot to make a copy of these which I sent back marked “No Contract – Return to Sender”.

Now obviously the Constable of St. Heliers’ jurisdiction and authority is limited to within the Parish of St. Helier. So, does a summons from the Constable of St. Helier create any legal obligation upon someone who lives outside of the Parish of St. Helier? – No it does not, but let us not forget that this is Jersey with it's Alice in Wonderland make it up as you go along ‘justice system’.

You would have thought that the Magistrates with their planet sized legal minds would have picked up on such glaring problems, but no, according to the Viscounts’ dept. the Magistrate (no clue as to which one) issued an arrest order. Strange how these mythical arrest orders never seem to see the light of day, I have yet to see one of these orders signed by a Magistrate, maybe they’re shy.
Even the court jesters (sometimes called Magistrates) know better than to sign an unlawful order.

Despite threats of immediate arrest by Viscounts officers (basically bailiffs for our non-Jersey readers) I have carried on living my life.
The Viscounts Dept. is infested with lawyers so it is not clear to me what they mean by ‘immediate arrest’ could it have some kind of secret legalese meaning.

Why more than 4 months after the alleged ‘arrest order’ have I not been arrested, I did not pay any bail nor will I. Have they just forgotten? Or do they have so many ‘arrest orders’ outstanding that they have not got around to me yet?  Do you dear readers think either is likely? Nor do I. So what is happening here?

One of the essential elements of any court case is jurisdiction, for criminal and quasi criminal matters a court must establish in-personam jurisdiction; a court cannot lawfully proceed against you without establishing jurisdiction over you. And at no time has the court established jurisdiction over me, you see, if you go to court under your own steam for statutory matters, you have, simply by turning up, tacitly consented to in-personam jurisdiction even if you dispute jurisdiction once in court. The courts presumption of tacit consent to jurisdiction will stand no matter what argument or rebuttal you care to use, I know this because I’ve tried most of them.

By not going to court the alleged Magistrate was unable to claim that jurisdiction was established either tacitly or expressly, no jurisdiction, no case to answer. Magistrates and the lawyers from the Viscount’s Department know this full well.

 The glaringly obvious truth is that a Magistrate’s Oath of Office does not allow or authorise them to administrate legislation. When Bridget Shaw, or whoever is sitting in court administrating legislation they are acting as a private Commissioner not as a Magistrate and a nice commission it must be considering  all that lovely cash coming in through the box office every day. You see why a ‘Magistrate’ might be loathed to confirm their Oath of Office in court and in so doing limit their ability to act in any other capacity at that same hearing.

From the Bailiffs’ office we have the Magistrates Oath of Office
with English translation

Publicly sworn, before  god, upholding the rights of the Queen and her subjects, in accordance with the laws and customs of this Island.
All of this confirms that this Oath is a common law Oath; the swearer is promising to uphold common law when using its authority.
It does not authorise a Magistrate to administer legislation.

However nothing in legislation or law forbids Bridget Shaw, Peter Harris et al from working as a private commissioner after their work as a Magistrate is finished.

Magistrates have no problem giving lawful orders and signing both orders and warrants, private commissioners are far more reluctant as it is them personally, and not the ‘court’ who is responsible for their actions and orders.

Asking these well paid private commissioners questions they don’t want to answer is not only revealing but laugh out loud mad;

 Me to Bridget Shaw “what jurisdiction is the court presuming here?”
BS; “The Magistrates court is a creature of statute”.

A CREATURE, WTF? No doubt this SEA CREATURE has tentacles and  big sharp teeth.
A creature or court of statute, statute (act, enactment etc.) is just lawyers fancy way of saying a tribunal administering legislation.

Of course it gets more serious when an important question and the answer vanish from the official court recording. See the rather stunning posting on the link below, a must read.

From the start of my various appearances in ‘court’ for ‘statutory offences’ I would ask the ‘Magistrate’ “Are you operating under your Oath of Office at this time” not once did any so called magistrate give a responsive answer, they would obfuscate by saying things like “I am not prepared to enter into a discussion about that” You what!!! Only a corrupt or disingenuous mind would interpret asking for a simple yes/no answer to a question as calling for a discussion.

Compare this to my later appearances for the common law offence of contempt of court, when asked the same question about their Oath of Office both Richard Falle and Bridget Shaw had no hesitation in answering “yes”. These crooks think we were born yesterday, and that we are not capable of leading them into answers that show how they are abusing their public positions and the law. 

I’ve spent a lot of hours at the Magistrates court both appearing and listening to other cases so I’ve noticed a few things, like all the common law proper crime stuff is usually dealt with first and swiftly so the lawyers can get down and dirty making wonga.

 Policed by consent and governed by consent means exactly what it says.

I consent to be bound by common law, I do not consent to be bound by legislation created by a de facto corporate government unless I am acting as a government agent or am engaged in commerce.

Jersey has, in effect and fact, a privatised justice system (sic) the private members only BAR Association and its junior affiliate the Law Society control justice on this island. The membership by invitation only BAR Association (an Unincorporated Body Corporate) which is chartered through the Inns of Court, situated within the City of London Corporation and the CROWN whose address is Crown officer, Crown office row, Chancery lane, CITY OF LONDON, are not  government bodies, are not public institutions, have no natural authority to determine how our justice system should operate, rather they are a collection of people who have joined together to promote their, and their fellow members standing and earning potential and who are not held accountable by lazy and/or corrupt politicians.

This arrangement is financially beneficial for both government and lawyers they will not give up this scam lightly.

But I digress

So what have I been up to since these threats of arrest, well, straight from the 'you couldn’t make this shit up' department, I was employed on a temporary contract with authorisation to access the computer system, keys and card swipe to buildings whilst working for;


A case of the right hand not knowing what the left is doing?

If there is one thing lawyers hate more than ordinary people learning their deceptive ways, it is people who make it public.

What are the odds of me being arrested after this posting?

Answers on the back of a parking ticket please!

Watch this space.



  1. Great post, expose the crooks for who they are. Their castle will crumble like their lies. It's written in the stars Babylon will fall !

  2. You are charged yet you have not been charged?

    1. That's all part of the scam anon, most people are to frightened not to attend court after receiving one of these blackmail letters, they do not know their rights and therefore are easy prey for the vultures. If people actually stopped and thought about what is written by these fraudsters, they might cotton on that they are being turned over.

      Fear is key for these parasites, without that threat of taking your cash or liberty, they have nothing to hold against you. All the good people need do is stand up in numbers without fear of their threats, go to jail for a day or two, but stop paying them!!!

  3. On the back of the viscounts card cheques must be made payable to the viscount not the states treasurer. Who is keeping records of the fines collected and paid to the viscount?

    1. Holy Poop On A Stick!

      A comment that comes from a thinker :)

    2. I thought I would let you get that one in anon, any chance of a glimpse of the back of that card?

    3. Yes if you want.

    4. OK, publish it :)

      And give a link please!

  4. I have heard it described, ''the magistrate is a rubber stamp for the police''.

    1. Even more so is the Jersey Police Complaints Authority, set up solely to protect the Jersey Police and kid the average halfwit that these fictional entities are keeping watch over the public well-being.

      "Worse than those who commit the act, are the treacherous cowards who allow the act to stand as history."

      Ian Evans

  5. "The membership by invitation only BAR Association (an Unincorporated Body Corporate) which is chartered through the Inns of Court, situated within the City of London Corporation and the CROWN whose address is Crown officer, Crown office row, Chancery lane, CITY OF LONDON"

    "CHANCERY LANE"!!! Now Google "Chancer"

    Perhaps your worst fears are now re-cognised?

  6. Chambers are delighted to announce that Edward Faulks QC, long-standing former head of this Set, has been elevated to the House of Lords. We wish him every success in his new role. We are also pleased to be able to confirm that he will be continuing in practice from 1 Chancery Lane.,2675.msg58431.html#msg58431