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Tuesday, 17 December 2013

"Slavery Was Never Abolished - Frank O'Collins"

How much are you worth as a slave (animal) vs. a thing (stock)?: Why the pirate bankers have completely destroyed their own system

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Thank you for listening; this is Frank O’Collins for the Ucadia Blog on Wednesday, December 11, 2013.  The topic this week is how much are you worth as a slave, an animal, versus a thing or a commodity of stock? and why the pirate bankers have completely destroyed their own system.   If you have been reading and listening to the Ucadia blogs, then the number of stories that are continuing to rise is evidence of courts that no longer even pretend to be courts of law and judges and magistrates that now openly state that the law is whatever they say it is.  If they are confronted with the foundation of their law and the foundation of Rule of Law and the foundation of justice and due process, they are perfectly happy to simply change the rules to suit themselves and do we even have this recorded on the record? 

Every day it seems that more and more stories appear where corporations are able to pay a mere pittance of their ill-gotten gains and for the executives of those corporations to avoid prison while you, I and others that we know are imprisoned, tortured, harassed for mere pennies.  As we have said over the last few years there will come a time, there will come a day, where our neighbors, our relatives and our friends who may have laughed at us when we said to them that, “You are to the system but a slave, to the system you are a pauper, to the system you are a mere commodity, a thing, a security, an infant, a lunatic.  Now we find those same friends, relatives and neighbors speak to us and while they may not admit that what we said to them was prophetic compared to what they thought they knew, no one can argue that the system is falling apart.  More and more people are seeing it and the nihilists are being exposed for what they are. 

The topic tonight is to return to the subject, the subject of the system designed with our being slaves and the system that worked in parallel and then took over from our value as slaves to being commodities and things.  The reason I chose this topic tonight is for two events that are unfolding as we speak.   The first is the memorial and the remembrance of that great man, Nelson Mandela, a rare symbol of triumph over seemingly insurmountable odds and the ability of one man of character to change a system.  The other is the debate that is occurring as we speak in the United States, particularly regarding the basic wage and whether men and women who are literally struggling to feed themselves are entitled to something that at least brings them above or at least level with the line of poverty.  A third, now that I think about it, is also the fact that in reaction to the Evangeli Gaudium (Gospel of Joy) of Pope Francis (Time Person of the Year 2013) as to the evils and malevolence of the western system and model of law that it has become, we have seen the reaction of the nihilists and stupid and mindless idiots who are the spokespersons of many nihilists who have come out and shrieked at the considered and balanced comments of the head of the Catholic Church to claim that they are perfectly happy with the notion of being a Christian and at the same time treating everyone else with contempt and allowing the starving and imprisonment of millions in countries as wealthy as the United States.  

If we are going to talk about the subject of,”How much are we worth as a slave and as an animal versus a thing, and why this comparison is a way of demonstrating that the private bankers have completely destroyed their own system,” then we need to address a blind spot that so many of us and so many of the people we know still refuse to accept.  That is that we have been effectively slaves to the system for hundreds and hundreds of years, and they architected that.  We have proof that the system viewed us a slaves and that they designed the system for slavery.  We have proof of that.  I want to address that first. 

Slavery wasn't abolished it was just "rebranded"

I want to address some of the elements of proof first before we get into the comparison and why we make this comparison of our value as a slave versus the value of commodity because many still do not believe that we are legally considered slaves.  We are brought up and told that slavery was abolished.   It wasn’t abolished; it was merely re-branded.  There are effectively three ways to view slavery.  The first is the concept that existed in ancient times and culture of forced bondage that was effectively when men and women were captured by an invading force as prisoners.  Rather than being executed they were forced into some form of labor.   

This first form of slavery is as prisoners.  This type of slavery requires an enormous amount of force in order to effect it operation.  It is an admission in this first type of slavery that there is no legal basis, claim or attempt to be any legal basis or claim other than “might is right,” with the use of fear, threat and real violence.  It should make sense then, that this type of slavery, the slavery of being forced laborers and prisoners is the type of slavery most often seen with tyrants.   So long as the force of resistance is less than the force of oppression, the system holds.  But once the force of resistance exceeds the force of oppression, and then such a system collapses.  

If you wish to see signs of this form of prison, then there are actual statutes of Law, the foundation of the Industrial Revolution where the Acts themselves were explicitly written for poor prisoners.   The origin of the Workhouse Act (22 Car.II c.18 [1670]), the creation of the concept of workhouses in the year 1670, we see in the Poor Prisoners Act (18 Car.II c.4 [1666]), the creation of these hellholes for the poor that were consider idle and under-employed and that they may be forced into heavy labor for the profit of a few.   

Another example of slavery as prisoners is where we see the increase of the elements of prison, where we see the arming of guards and police, where we see the use of surveillance and walls, where we see the restrictions of movement.  If all these sound ominous because we see that they are increasing, then what you see in the prison societies of the United States, Canada, Australia, Europe and the rest of the world, is a marked increase in the overt use of force, fear and threat to keep people in line as other forms of slavery reduce in effectiveness.  

The second form of slavery is the form of slavery in the form of a pledge to service or servitude and this is where we get the word, “servant.”   Involuntary servitude is where through a pledge, a man or a woman bonds themselves for a period of service.  This is where we see the concept of Vow:  “I pledge my allegiance to the flag…”  This is a form of servitude and usually has a time limit or be it that now we are compelled and coerced to pledge our entire lives.  Pledging and servitude was considered for most societies such as the Roman society, the Mesopotamian Society, the Egyptian Society as an essential component for their operation.  Another sign that is not necessarily an evil concept and while we refer to it as a second form of slavery or servitude, when it is an open and honest system there is nothing intrinsically evil when one pledges oneself to some higher ideal or some higher service for the benefit of others.  The third form of slavery or servitude is the use of magic and specifically the use of the concept of curse.  This is found in the origin of the concept of making one’s mark and what is referred to making one’s mark is in the use of blood to make a sign, signature of mark, an “X” representing a blood oath.  

I have mentioned as I did the other day that there is certainly strong evidence to show that within the New Testament and in particular within the Gospel of Matthew that some of the teachings of Jesus Christ appear overwhelmingly to be manipulated in terms of the words.  If you are not aware of what I was speaking about then I encourage you to go back and listen to the previous audio concerning this.  What I was referring to is the intrinsic importance of oaths and vows within ancient societies as the emphasis and the foundation of the Rule of Law.  Without vows and without oaths, our ability and the ability of ancient cultures to hold together the Rule of Law, justice and due process would have been impossible.  There would have been no civilization ever created if oaths and vows were not considered of the utmost importance and significance.  

When we come to blood oaths and the use of blood in the form of a self-curse, this is an entirely different matter.  If we were to consider the references within Matthew in regards to one never making an Oath or a Vow, if that was to mean a Blood Oath or a Blood Vow, then certainly that would be accurate, valid and consistent.  Where do we find these blood oaths and self-curses occurring?   Well, we know for example that there has been a hidden history where the spot of blood has been included on birth records at the time of birth and that there are some jurisdictions where this may still be happening today.   We also know that blood and blood signatures have been used by secret societies for some time, and other secret fraternities.

The most significant use of this concept of “oathing our blood” or “oathing our flesh” and cursing ourselves is actually in the origin and the concept of debt, that is, debt as opposed to obligation.   The difference to this really owes itself back to a time under the Roman Empire and the origin of taxes, the origin of inherited obligation and the original meaning of debt as opposed to owing someone money.  There needs to be a distinction between owing someone something and the nature concerning debt.   If you haven’t already, what you may find useful is to read some of Lebor Clann Glas which you can find at under Sacred Texts where some of the history concerning Rome is made clearer.   

If you have a look at the Roman system and particular from about 6CE, something dramatically changed between the merchant militia that had taken over Rome from the time of Julius Kaiser (Caesar), from 43 and 44 and going through to Octavius Augustus.  But from 6CE the Roman system had switched from a system of booty where countries were invaded, treasures were divvied up, to this concept that Rome would charge reparation for lands that it had seized and invaded as the concept that we saw in WWI in the form of war reparations.  In order for this war reparation to be paid, Rome conducted a census of the population and then divided the amount that they claimed was owed, and then apportioned out what each man, woman and merchant was to pay.  This was the origin of the concept of tax.  Tax in this form was not only considered a tribute to the conquering army, but it was considered a sacred, inherited obligation, and the beginning and the point of origin of the concept of original sin as a concept of a blood debt.

Whenever we see an obligation in the present system and converted into the far more serious concept of the blood debt before heaven.  We see this when an obligation or claim is brought into one of their courts and converted into a debt.  As I said there are the 3 types of slavery.  Since even the time of Jesus and before, those three forms of obligation have been used, but the one that has become the most powerful of the 3 at least for the last 200 years has been the concept of curse, cursing ourselves and the obligation of payment of debt, war reparation and original sin.  

The proof is overwhelming the system views you as a slave

People still may not believe, may not agree that we are considered slaves in their system, even today.  Yet, there is proof that we can see in plain sight that is unmistakable, cannot be explained away, that owes its heritage to the concept of slavery and is blatant and obvious and indisputable proof that we are still considered to the bankers, to the pirates as slaves.  I will give two clear examples.  The first is the origin of the letter “P”, the Roman letter “P” that is found within your Passport.  If you open up your Passport you will see that under “status” or some other field equivalent to the concept of status, you will see the Roman letter, “P.”  I know when you ask officials they will come up with all kinds of crap, lies, misdirection or stunned silence.  There is an origin for what the “P” means.  The origin is still in effect today and the origin that is found in the laws and the origin that is unmistakable.  The “P” in your Passport recognizes you as a Pauper, or the word, “Poor.”  You are a pauper and you are one of the poor.   You are without rights of land, you are a ward of the state, you are in ‘infant’ therefore, and you are a ‘lunatic’ therefore, and must be insured wherever you travel and you must have a certificate wherever you travel as well.  

The origin of the use of “P” can be found Acts such as the Poor Settlement Act of 1691 (3 Will. & Mar. c.11 [1691]and in 1697 (8 & 9 Will.III c.30 [1697]).  And there were subsequent Poor Relief Acts.   If you look at the links that are part of this audio and you can go see those Acts, and you can see in plain sight that the “P” represents that you are a Pauper, you are Poor, and therefore you are a criminal, infant, or lunatic and you are a slave.  The other piece of obvious proof that we still have today is our Birth Certificate which owes its origin directly from the concept of Settlement Certificates from the Settlement Act of 1691 and thePoor Relief Act of 1662 (13 & 14 Car.II c.12 [1662]through to the Settlement Acts of the 18th Century.  

Again in 1691 and 1698 and even in the Poor Relief Act of 1713 (12 Ann. c.18 [1713]we could not work, nor get a job without a Settlement Certificate.  If you have a Birth Certificate, you have a Settlement Certificate.  I know there are many other things than just the Settlement Certificate but this is its origin.  If you have a Birth Certificate you have a Settlement Certificate.  If you have a Settlement Certificate then you are a Pauper. You are a ward, lunatic, prisoner, criminal by their system and you are a slave under their system.  In fact the Acts throughout the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries of Westminster made clear that the work given to the poor, the employment, the concept of employment was to make the slaves useful.  

See also (9 Geo.I c.7 [1722])(10 Geo.I c.7 [1723]and (KEY ACT - 22 Geo.III c.83 [1782]).

The Slave Trade stopped because of competition with easy supply of Poor

They don’t hide the fact and they use language to the equivalent.  The Workhouse Act of 1723 (10 Geo.I c.7 [1723]is the very origin of the "hellhole" workhouses for "privatized" slaves to corporations.  First in the enclosure Acts they kicked the poor off the land so they could not feed themselves.  Secondly, they put them into workhouses that were run by the Quakers, the Brethren, the Mennonites, and the Methodists as money-making ventures to rent out the poor and to make money for our effort.  In exchange we were given pennies and if we were lucky we were allowed to live.  If we were lucky we had something to eat and nothing more.  And, of course, we see that today.  Look at how much money Wal-Mart makes.  And look at how little they pay their employees.  Nothing has changed.

Nothing has changed, and you still believe that you are not a slave?  Under the Poor Law Amendment Act of 1834, an Act of Westminster that applies to all former and current colonies, the poor could not receive any benefit unless they were constantly employed.  This is after theSlave Trade Act of 1807 and the Slavery Abolition Act of 1833.  Think about this when people argue that slavery was abolished.  The Slave Trade Act of 1807 and the Slavery Abolition Act of 1833 applied to all dominions except land owned by the East India Company. Can you think of a place in the world where slavery continued after 1833, a former colony? 

In any event the abolition of slavery was the abolition of stealing and imprisoning people from Africa and other parts of the world.  It had nothing to do with the enslavement of Caucasian children, men and women in Britain, Ireland, England, Scotland, Wales and Europe.  Why do you think that the Quakers and the Methodists and Brethren were so vocal in shutting down the slave trade from Africa?  

Remember, as we said last week these same people were responsible for the murder, death, and crimes against humanity against hundreds of people who died in work houses because of them and the fortunes that were made by these awful, awful people who are lauded today and praised today as great people with hundreds of thousands if not millions who died in their custody.  Why do you think these people were so active in abolishing the trade of people from Africa?   Simply, there was more money to be made in converting everyone to being poor than there was in importing more people from foreign lands.  There was more money for them in White Slavery converting us into the Poor than there was in the original concept of invading a country and imprisoning the people.  

That is the honest truth.  The legacy of that is what they did to Ireland, Scotland and Wales after they had done it to their own people in England.  

See also: (1 & 2 Geo. IV c.56 [1821]) and (KEY ACT - 4 & 5 Will. 4 c.76 [1834])

The system is completely broken when you are worth more to the bankers as a "dead commodity" than a "working slave"

If we look to the answer of the question of what you are worth as a slave to the system today, then I guess the base value is somewhere in the order of $25,000 to $30,000 a year as a slave.  That is about the amount of sustenance and maintenance that they give people as a basic wage, certainly in America.  The basic wage in Australia and elsewhere may be higher, but it is still a pittance.  What about our value as a “thing,” a thing being a mindless and soulless commodity or stock.  What is our value as a “thing” to the system?  Well, beginning with the creation of the annuities that we have spoken about back at the end of the 17th century and the beginning of the 18th century, and then the extension of that system into a global system of slave bonds, one could argue that the value of our being a commodity was more than what they recognized as a slave, but with a reasonable margin of two, three or four times of the value of slavery as a commodity given the speculative nature of selling something for more than its base value in markets.  

Today the annuity accounts which we can prove exist because since 1790, if we take the United States under the debt funding laws of Congress, the reports are still published by County and these are the reports that give us the value of these assets held at a County level that are in many cases 1000, 2000, 3000 times the value of the debts of the County.  If we would divide those numbers in those annual reports against the number of people living in the County, then we would see that the value of the annuities, the slave bonds traded on our being a “think”, a “stock,” is some millions of dollars.  Some 200 to 300 in some cases 1000 times more our value as an animal, an animal being with a mind but without a soul.  In fact if one was to look at one of the fundamental and catastrophic collapses within the current system of the pirate bankers in the last 50 years, it is the disconnect in their minds full of nihilism and stupidity between the fact that our value as a slave and our a value as a “thin”, as “stock” rests on the existence of us in flesh.  

The banks have reached the point that they have completely disconnected from the productivity of the slave to the value of the speculative value of derivatives, securities and bonds by perceiving us as “stock” to the point that they have destroyed their own system as the values have absolutely no rational basis.  We have seen an extended period, an unbelievable period where the banks have actually encouraged the destruction of jobs, and even encouraged the promotion of people if left to their own devices, starving, but yet still basing their future on the trading of the same instruments against the value of people.  So today, the pirate bankers value us as a “thing” hundreds if not thousands of times more than the value as a slave.  Here again we find the proof that they have completely destroyed their own system by such a lack of logic and sense.  

Well maybe those who listen to this audio and maybe those that read these Acts and hear discussion about this, the credibility and the conceding that we are treated and viewed as slaves may still be difficult to accept.  But I have given you tonight two key areas of evidence in the form of the “P” and the origin of the “P” showing you as a Pauper, a Prisoner, Poor and therefore an infant, a lunatic, a ward of the state.  The fact that you have a Birth Certificate is a continuation of Settlement Certificates and the Settlement Certificates are for the Poor.  If you see those pieces still working today and they do, the system still views you as a slave.  

What can we do?  We can do what we speak about each week; we can become more competent in our own affairs.  We can become clear on what the Rule of Law is, and what Justice and Due Process are.   I leave you with two thoughts tonight:  if you want to see clarity as to the law, then I can offer you no better summary than section 16 of the Age of Nazarenes under The Book of the Green Race, Lebor Clann Glas.  

Finally, I want to thank all of you who continue to read and continue to review, continue tohelp, continue to learn and wake up, and continue to represent the true Rule of Law in competence.  Until we speak next week, thank you and be well.  Thank you and Good Night.  

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