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Thursday, 19 December 2013

"Pitmans Cheated Out Of Their Jobs & Home"

Pitmans lose court battle

Deputies Trevor and Shona Pitman have lost a court battle to settle their debts.

The two politicians lost their ‘remise de biens’ application today and they are now set to lose their seats in the States too.

It follows a failed attempt by Deputies Trevor and Shona Pitman to sue the Jersey Evening Post and Broadlands Estate Agents for defamation. 

The remise de biens is an ancient feature of Jersey law which allows people being chased by creditors to have their finances scrutinised by the court. Two Jurats were appointed to see if the couple have enough assets to cover their debts, thought to be considerable after the court action. The Jurats have had to determine if the sale of the Pitmans' house would raise enough money to pay their creditors, who include the estate agency and the newspaper. 

The court ordered the Pitmans to pay all legal costs after they lost the libel case last year. The Deputies claimed that they were defamed by a cartoon commissioned by Broadlands for an advertisement published in the JEP on Christmas Eve 2008.

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