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Wednesday, 4 December 2013

"Pitman Retweets Picture - So Fu*king What? At Least He Doesn't Give Police Jobs To Convicted Paedophiles"

"Adolf, Saddam & Phick Phil
All Rolled Into One"

Once again the vermin at The Jersey Evening Post are at it, trying to hammer the Pitmans for
something or nothing. Why don't they try looking into the past of their boss if they want a real story encompassing filth, depravity and criminality? But then again, I am sure Stuart Syvret will fill us in on all that when he finishes his prison sentence for telling the truth.

Very timely how Ozo the Bozo jumps in there straight away with a tweet of his own, no doubt to paint himself as an honourable gentleman in the eyes of the public whilst having just beaten them to death with his infamous Budget Wellness Stick!

Shame the JEP and our government schmucks never paid the same attention when Trevor and Shona were being ridiculed....What goes around comes around....Eventually :)

I also understand that there has been some talk on Face Book about Pitman cleaning out his government allocated locker, well, I am not surprised with Sean Power hanging around the place!

And furthermore, for the attention of other notsofar thinking politico's, who holds the Master Key to "ALL" of those government allocated lockers?

Wakey Wakey ya dumb bastards :)

The (not-so) offending pic
Left click on the pic below to read it.


  1. Nice one Deputy Pitman!

  2. Hitler will be turning in his grave after being likened to Bailhache.

  3. I think the poor German soldier from whom Phil stole the uniform should sue the him and the Rag (and Emma Martins in case she tries to shut him up and to get his cap back).

    What a crowd. Can't even report a story properly. Don't understand the difference between a retweet and a favourite in Twitter. Then inventing s German soldier's body where none existed. And they rubbished HDLG. Consistency not their strong point.

    And the artwork. I'd be ashamed to produce something like that. I'm a private individual and they are an "official" Crown Dependency "newspaper".

    They also have a funny (as in peculiar not ha ha) sense of humour. Caricaturing the Pitmans in a vicious libel and expecting them to laugh it off. Then acting all proper when someone takes the mickey out of Phil the Puppeteer.

    How does Mrs. Windsor tolerate this level of stupidity in her backyard?

    By the way, Ian, thanks for the reprint of the original article. I've nicked it for tweeting.

    1. As they say in Jersey, "You con't retwot thet ma luv, you get foined £30 eh".

      Your welcome mate, keep pushing :)

    2. Perhaps Ian can clarify if it was him or the JEP who wrote The Bald Truth on Trev's head?

    3. Feckit. And me mocking the JEP art dept. over it.

  4. Click above to find out what Adolf Bailhache has had a hand in

    Free Jersey Political Prisoners Now !

  5. Polo was about to get a pat on the back, but he says it is not his picture, bit confused. Who put the picture up, and how wonderful, a sense of humour still exists.

    If its not your art work Polo ? and you don't live on this bloody rock they would have a big problem trying to lock you up and if they did try, another great smelly scandal to add to child abuse coverup, HG coverup, jailing Syvret no public transparent test of his truth in court, another cover up for criminals like the troll Jon Haworth.

    Jersey Life Enriching, yes that is joke.

  6. Sorry for any confusion. Herr Bailhache is my picture and I'm proud of it. A bit too flattering maybe. My reference to artwork in the comment above refers to the JEP's stupid and insulting photo of Trevor that accompanied their article. Crude, childish and no finesse.

    I am very upset at the JEP implication that I looted a dead German soldier's body for the uniform. It actually comes from an ad for Nazi memorabilia at the internet Reichstore. I had already said so in my Jèrriworld blog post two months ago.

    As the descendant of a Limerick born policeman I am appealing to Limerick man Seán Power to come to my defence against this horrible accusation by the JEP.

    By the way did you take a close look at the books on the shelves? Here's a link to the full size version and you might like some of the other toons while you're there.

    And thanks for the pat.

  7. Bejaysus my stab city fiend, sorry, friend, I don't do pats, I do honourable defiant men who have no fear of the consequences of their outbursts or actions....Balls in your court dude :)

  8. Ian

    I know you don't do pats. That one was from anonymous. Could even have been the JEP for all I know.

    Know you know what's wrong with Seán Power.

    1. I do indeed mate, keep up the good work Polo

  9. Imagine the dramas if the JEP had posted a picture of Deputy Pitman as Hitler.

    Well, we don't need to imagine how that one would end up, do we.