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Thursday, 12 December 2013

"Paedophiles, Churches, Jersey, & Doris 'dolly' Ropers"

"Proving That Child Protection Is Still None Existent In Jersey"

So....the Freedom Church has a new staff member who they allegedly sent across the road to the Millennium Park to give young children water, balloons and lollipops, then enticing those children to take a look around their new building.



AND....that staff member was none other than convicted paedophile

"Doris 'Dolly' Ropers"

You Fu*king What!!!

Doris Ropers

This is going to go down well with the Committee of Inquiry isn't it!!!

Just casting my mind back to all the sh*te our States idiots came out with.

"Lessons have been learned"

"Children are safe now, our new report said so"

"Time to move on"

Let us not forget Stuart Syvret who languishes in jail this Christmas
for standing against States sponsored paedophillia!!!

How you all now wish you had voted for him as opposed to that wretched coward, and turncoat,
Francis Le Gresley

Well, you can all thank halfwits like Ian Le Marquand and Mike Bowron for allowing this to happen. No chance for the public to check on this vermin as Le Marquand and Bowron don't want the public having access to who is on the Sex Offenders Register. These corrupt clowns must be removed from public office immediately!!!

WTF is going on in this depraved corrupt stinking cesspit of an island?

If it wasn't for the general public being very alert, who knows what the hell would have happened in that building?

My sincere thanks to the many good people who have contacted me on FaceBook today to let me know about this most reprehensible outrage.

And if it wasn't for the Jersey Bloggers, the people would have never even known about this, or have a picture that they could recognise this monster by.

WELL DONE YOU GUYS, you are all a credit to your community.

Below are my previous postings on this animal.


I would strongly urge the public to refrain from any act that may get yourselves into trouble, leave this to the police. That is if they have stopped covering up for paedophiles and their sponsors (Andre Bonjour) and are actually thinking about reinstating that old police custom of actually investigate criminal behaviour!!!


Check out other Jersey paedophiles at the link below.


  1. Ian.

    Nothing has changed since HDLG and children are no safer now than they were then. Not least because of the cut and paste culture in the Island's State Media.

    If the JEP reported on this person's conviction, one would assume it had a reporter in the court, and would know what she looks like? Next the very same JEP is publishing photographs of her tempting children with goodies for a church?

    Former Senior Investigation Officer of the Jersey Child Abuse Police Investigation, Lenny Harper, said that the Jersey saga "wouldn't make for a credible FICTITIOUS story" how right he is!

    Is it any wonder the State Media has no credibility and is it any wonder why people believe their children are not safe on this Island?

  2. they probably dressed her up to hide her from being spotted

  3. Is the freedom church a charity organisation? Why do so many hide behind religious organisations?

    Well done Ian on this Breaking news from a blogger.

    1. Well done our community for being so vigilant :)

    2. Shame the filthy rag isn't as vigilant as the blogs.

  4. Filthy rag celebrating a convicted pedophile on the front page but not telling anyone its a convicted pedophile Brilliant stuff.

  5. Ian.

    I hope the Jersey Evening Post has the decency/morals to publish an apology, in tomorrow's edition, to the victims of this paedophile for the stress, and harm, it might have caused due to their (JEP's) unprofessionalism of publishing a photo of her in such a congratulatory manner?

  6. Isn't that Gorst's church?

  7. It is Big Ian - Gorst is heavily involved with this outfit. This really does beggar all belief and thanks for making this public.

    1. If that is the case, then it is apt that I share one of my favourite quotes of all time :)

      "A tyrant must put on the appearance
      of uncommon devotion to religion. Subjects are less apprehensive of
      illegal treatment from a ruler whom they consider god-fearing and
      pious. On the other hand, they do less easily move against him,
      believing that he has the gods on his side."


    2. I have only ever used this quote against Le Marquand and Phick Phil Bailhache before....Good to see that Gorst has now joined the elitist club :)

  8. It begs the question - was this woman not put on the sex offenders register. If not, why not? If she was what background checks were done on her before she was welcomed into this rather odd outfit?

  9. Someone contacted me today saying they had notified the church in question, and also the JEP. The JEP said they were looking into it and the church never responded....

  10. Then Gorst will try to put the lid back on this one.

  11. Watch the media turn the person in question to a victim.

  12. And by the way readers, there is a very important anniversary this Saturday, something that I will be reporting on, it involves one of our highest ranking servants :)

  13. Christianity preaches forgiveness, so if the pedo in question is legally free to walk the streets then they must welcome them :)

    1. Total b*ll*x!

      I hope you do not have children, and would be happy for this paedophile do to them what she did to the children she abused. Yes, she committed the crime and did the time and as you say quite free to walk the streets. BUT........she should not be anywhere near young children, or enticing them out of parks into a happy clappy church.

      There is forgiveness and forgiveness with common sense and due diligence which obviously was not adhered to in this case.

      Double standards I think when you think of the case of HG who was not welcomed into the church.

  14. Had the mis-pleasure of being with this sicko in school. I was so shocked when i saw her in the paper for the Freedom "church" that i was going to call them myself, but i know someone else already had. Finding "god" doesnt cure you of your sick mind and with all the exposure on paedos in religious organisations, you would think they would have done some research on the sick b*tch and been more careful, especially as a few people have a funny view of this "church"

  15. Gorst, Routier,Le Marquand are corporate souls first, religious souls second and lost souls third there is a fourth beginning with ars but work it out for yourselves.

    1. Good one anon, Cyril has just confirmed that it wasn't his comment so I can only deduce we have another apt thinker out there which makes me happy.

  16. Be carfulits mot Ian speaking here

  17. WTF is it with people? I don't swear much on here, in fact, it's usually only when I get shitty comments from morons or insults from paedophile sponsors.

    IT'S MY BLOG!!! and I will run it how I like, if anyone doesn't like it they don't have to read it....Thanks

  18. Theres nothing wrong with a well placed swear word and I salute the need for there use.

  19. a nonce does not deserve any respect.simples

  20. "please start by posting under your real name and identity"
    As if. As soon as you do that, you get bullied and intimidated by the local sicko psychopath!

    1. :)

      Your point is well taken, but....If you do not stand your ground against such scum as Haworth, such scum win!

      Is the fight not worth the fear?

      Haworth and scum scare you? Without disrespect anon, I am extremely pleased I am not you.

  21. ropers is on the sex offenders list ,just to let you know